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Re: GTKY celebrity doppelganger

  • @msb615 and @nopegoat I totally see it! 
    And damn! We have beautiful ladies on this board. 

    Me personally....I get Sonali Bendre (Indian Actress) and Anne Hathaway a lot but more so before I got fat. 
    Sadly, Sonali's fighting cancer right now and has lost her hair. But she still looks beautiful to me!
    anne hathaway GIF
    Image result for sonali bendreImage result for sonali bendre bald

  • bpietroniccobpietronicco
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    I got Alicia silverstone a lot and I also looked like the girl from poltergeist when I was little

    edited to add: I guess I do not know how to insert gifs

  • @k2k2tog I totally see it. @expandcontract both such pretty doppelgängers! I know everyone hates Anne Hathaway for some reason but idk why and I don’t. I think she’s awesome 🤷‍♀️
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  • Some people say Minnie Driver, but I don't see it at all... That and I'm 16 years younger than her...
    I think I look more like Mandy Moore

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  • @DuchessOfCambridge I don't know why either! I should google that ish. 

  • @k2k2tog and @ElleJDubs totally can see the resemblance! Beautiful! 

    I don’t think I look like any celebrity. I was told once I look like Mariah Carey, but it’s hard for me to see. 
  • kzangs15kzangs15
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    I've been told I look like Kendra by multiple people - there's even an ongoing joke about it on my husband's side of the family.  She's definitely a litte WT, but she was a playboy bunny, so I take it as a compliment. LOL
    silly kendra wilkinson GIF by NASCAR
  • Btw, you can also try to upload your picture and see who you match with. I tried it, but I disagreed, ha!
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  • @eatinwatermelonseeds I can totally see it! Besides being a blonde, white lady of approximately the same age, and wearing makeup, it is there. Your nose, cheekbones, and mouth/jawline/chin are all hinting Gaga to me.
    kids with flags
  • ^wss. Also, I think you're prettier than Gaga 
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  • @brie_and_almonds and @DuchessOfCambridge you guys are really sweet, thank you ♥️ i seriously thought was going to be laughed at 😂 
  • @eatinwatermelonseeds I got told Lady Gaga once as well but I really don't look much like her, although it's hard to tell what she looks like since she always looks different.
  • @RoseShadow873 that was my biggest issue trying to find a picture of her 😂 every one of her pictures she looks different.
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    I've been told I look a lot like Ellen Pompeo

  • I get Liv Tyler a lot!

  • @RoseShadow873 I can see Last Gaga a bit actually!
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  • @k2k2tog You totally look like Rachel McAdams!!! Love your look.  I thought you would be a brunette.  So pretty!!!

    @eatinwatermelonseeds Lady Gaga all the way!!! 

    I have been told I look a lot like Rachael Ray (especially when I had longer hair) and my best friend told me I reminded her of Kelly Clarkson.  I also got Gina Rodriguez once (from Jane the Virgin) but I think she is way too pretty!!!  

  • @guitarra614 I am naturally a brunette! I've only been blonde since I decided to go for rainbow hair in the Summer of 2017. I haven't had my hair done in ~8 months, but I'm thinking about going more natural next time I get it done.

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  • I used to get either Whitney Port or Kristin Bell.
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  • I've gotten a few... not so much now that I'm a little older though :\
    When I was in my 20s I got this one all the time:

    And sometimes this:

    Especially when I had red hair for a while.  I really miss it!  Such hard upkeep, though.
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    Due with #2 5/2/19 after HIO once in my FW,
    because apparently that's how life works now. Team Blue!
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