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Thankful Thursday for 9/27


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  • @expandcontract I’m fluent in Urdu but haven’t spoken it since I was 6. I’m trying to make DS fluent now too but it’s kind of a hurdle for me since I stopped speaking it for so long! I still understand fine though and want my kids to be able to talk to all their family members. H’s side only speaks English. 
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  • @expandcontract I speak primarily German with my son and then he hears English everywhere else (obvi). This summer was the most trying for us as he was incredibly frustrated because he was trying to form words for me (because I was home all summer and I am the primary caregiver in our house as DH is on the road for work 3ish days a week). We had lots of head banging when he needed to communicate to others away from me. Very hard. Lots of bumps, bruises, and tears. I’m starting to see huge gains though. He’s speaking very limited German to me and with everyone else he’s starting to jabber more in English, rarely a full sentence, but I swear we’re adding words daily. We definitely have limited vocabulary - 20-40 words between the two - and use a lot of baby sign, but I have a feeling he will be ahead of the curve at or just a bit past 2 years old. I’ve heard speaking multiple languages pays off dividends in the long run and while it’s hard right now, I will totally follow this trend with #2.
  • @hutterflutter1019 Yes. The Pediatrician and the person who did the evaluation advised us to continue speaking all the languages (I was debating if we should stop) but that each person should only speak one language to her.  Otherwise,  it will be too confusing for her to figure out in which language should she respond. 
    I've been good about but of course MIL and H are horrible.  That irritates me so much.  I'll have to keep reminding them. Plus also,  my mom keeps telling me that she may take longer to start going but once she does she won't stop and that I'll be missing these days.  Lol. 

    @DuchessOfCambridge yup, same here! My Urdu is not as good.  I understand it better than i speak it but at least its a whole lot better than my cousins'! 

    @MaggieG183 I'm sorry I forgot,  how old is your son? 

    Thank you everyone for all your advice! I feel better, now,  and will let my daughter take her time.  

  • @expandcontract I can understand conversational Punjabi but never spoke it myself. My family switches from Punjabi to Urdu all the time mid sentence and I never was really sure why. They are very similar so I'm sure I could fudge it. Punjabi has always sounded "harsher" to me if that makes sense. My mom also FaceTimes with DS every day and speaks Urdu to him. I definitely need to be better myself but I'm so hoping he'll talk/understand it! I wish I had never stopped but I was 6 in the 90s and got made fun of for being different, which embarrassed me and here we are. Now in 2018 it's so cool to be bi/multilingual haha
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  • I’m also thankful that I could eat half a slice of peanut butter toast! I lost 5 pounds thanks to the stomach flu and last night was the first time I actually ate substance (a few bites of chicken noodle soup)! ❤️ Thankful that my body is healing and mending! 
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  • Thanks everyone! We are super proud! We really harp on treating people with kindness and respect and helping people when needed. He might be a jerk to his little brothers but I'm so glad he gets it! ❤️

  • @mrskoz428 I'm so glad you're feeling better! Yayyy!

    @DuchessOfCambridge LOL I totally know what you mean about Punjabi. It sounds so rude! I'm constantly telling my MIL to stop talking so rudely to my daughter. She laughs and says the language itself is "badtameez." 
    Hopefully while teaching your son, you'll learn it too! Cuz you know "when you teach, you learn too!" 

  • @expandcontract ha, yes, it DOES sound rude! Your MIL made me laugh
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  • @expandcontract my son is almost 2 (22 months on Tuesday to be annoyingly exact).
  • @expandcontract it feels so good to eat! I’m thrilled to feel more human, even if “morning” sickness has gotten 20 times worse since the stomach flu.
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