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Thankful Thursday for 9/27

Whaddaya got, ladies?

Mine? I’m thankful for the fun day ahead of me with my awesome students. We have our zipline field trip today and it’s always so much fun! And these kiddos this year, although talkative, are so darn nice! All of them! So nice! I’m looking forward to this awesome day of memories we’re all about to make.

Re: Thankful Thursday for 9/27

  • @zuuls_mom completely agree! I usually do the majority of things for DS in the evenings, but husband helping more has been awesome. I could really get use to this! 😂
  • I am thankful my husband is finally getting some overtime.  Even though it means I'm doing all the bed time stuff with no help so I can't get a break. 
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  • I am grateful that tomorrow is a PA day which means I don’t have to deal with any kids tomorrow. I love all the kids, but it will be so good to have a break. 

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  • @zuuls_mom and now I wasn't Wendy's 😂
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  • @nopegoat ; And now I want a vanilla diet coke.  Thanks a lot.  ;)
  • @DuchessOfCambridge thank you for this reminder! DS has been so exhausting lately, but I definitely need to push through and be more patient and present with him. 
  • @MaggieG183 I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭 

    It is hard sometimes though, @msb615. DS cried or whined from 3-5 today and it was making me lose my mind a little after we’d just had an awesome morning/afternoon 😂
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  • @bluesky24 Sounds like you won the MIL lottery!
  • @DuchessOfCambridge Love that. It’s also like I JUST realized it’s not going to be me, DD and DH anymore. Ahhhh. I keep staring at DD imagining her with a sibling. She’s so little to me still!

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  • Lol @hutterflutter1019 - I laugh because DH and I both have a very complex relationship with her. But as a grandmother, she hits it out of the park every time. My daughter is the lucky one and we just get to benefit from that too! 

    @DuchessOfCambridge it is a good reminder to cherish this time. My daughter threw a huge tantrum when it came time to get in the bath. They really make it tough sometime! Lol
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  • Thankful for my mom in town. She cooks me meals from scratch and gives my son a bath while I lay on the couch and just live through morning sickness. Thanks, mom
  • @DuchessOfCambridge Nothing like some whining and crying to bring you back to reality after a good morning! 
  • @nopegoat That's awesome! Sounds like you're raising an awesome young man. You must be so proud!
  • @nopegoat that right there is an awesome kid. You’re doing everything right. 
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  • I am thankful for coworkers who are more concerned about me getting to 100% than coming in to work. My students have gone 2 days without a sub and will probably be subless tomorrow. It pains me to not be there but I know that taking care of me and Baby Bear must come first. They rock!
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  • @nopegoat , @jessica41879, and @mrskoz428 your posts just made my heart melt.  

    @jessica41879 how long was your daughter in therapy for? My daughter still babbles a lot.  She says a few words but not as many as she should be.  I think it might have to do with the fact that we speak 3 different languages in our home. Did your daughter babble at all?

  • @expandcontract I'm a speech therapist. How old is your daughter?
  • @expandcontract that’s amazing you speak three languages in your home!  My from limited experience with my daughter. I think its a great sign your DD is babbling. I do know that children from multiple language homes can talk later (our speech therapist actually grew up in one). Our daughter at a little over one year NEVER babbled, not as a baby or ever. That was a major red flag. She also had other mild sensory issues around mouth and tongue that I believe prohibited speech production. Our first step was teaching basic baby sign language, working in sensory issues around and in mouth,  then getting her to babble, simple then complex, then other noises like animals cars etc. then came the words. 

  • @jessica41879 thank you for that info! That sounds like a lot of hard work! Thank god for specialists.  
    Yes,  so my MIL speaks Punjabi and Hindi. Husband speaks Punjabi, English, and Hindi. While i speak only English and Hindi. Daughter's Pediatrician did have us get an evaluation. We were going to start therapy a few weeks but i canceled it because right then,  Daughter said her first entire sentence "oh. my. God." In the most sacciest way,  of course. But she hasn't said anything new since then so that's why I'm considering it again.  

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    @jessica41879 Pretty much nailed it, @expandcontract . Children from bilingual or even trilingual homes are delayed a little, because they're facing a more challenging language environment,  but the delay is temporary. Your daughter is trying to distinguish sounds and syllables and words between not only one or two, but three languages. So, before she can even talk, she has to be able to decipher between the 3 languages first. For 19 month olds who are monolingual, the average number of words can be from 10-50. So, I wouldn't be concerned right now if she has a few words, as you've said.
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