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Help baby here soon and no names

So, we are team green and have a csection set for next Tuesday and just can't get a feel on names.  We knew our first kiddos were girls so maybe that's why were struggling. We have a Colleen and a Cora. We didn't really mean o start a trend with the letter C, they were just names we liked. Now I am questioning if kid 3 would want to have a C name or be different.  We like older names that are unique but not too far out there.  We have no middle names yet. Last name starts with 'sch' sound and ends with a y sound. 

Our ideas for girls are:
Celia or Cecelia

Boy name ideas:
Clayton (This was a favorite but we live in a very small town and someone here just used this)

I would be grateful for any suggestions or input! 

Re: Help baby here soon and no names

  • Honestly, all of your names (except Cohen and Clement) are perfectly fine and go well with your daughters. Well, Corinne might be too close to Cora. 

    I'm a big fan of having a few names and meeting the baby before deciding if no one name is really sticking out to you.
  • Also, I believe you can leave the hospital without having named your baby, so you have a bit longer to decide. It’s just easier to do the registration for birth certificate and SSN in the hospital. I have a friend who was “baby” for 2 weeks.
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  • The nurse when my first was born told us we had to have a name before we left but I  ever knew of she was joking or not. We need to get busy and at least narrow the list down soon. That is for your input! 
  • I really like Corinne but I agree it might be too close to the other girls names. 
  • Cora and Corinne are too similar to me but I do like the name, nonetheless.  Claire would also be a nice fit.

    From your boy list, I like Callum and Caleb the best.

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  • I would nix Corinne, Cohen, and Clement, but I really like the rest of your list! Maybe nix Callum also as it is pretty close to Colleen. I especially like Caleb or Lucas from your boy list, as they both include the hard C sound your older two share.
  • Maren is our frontrunner for if we have another girl in the future, so I love that! I also love Meredith. I love Corinne but agree it's too close to the others. And I think Thea is adorable.

    For boys I like Leo and Lucas. I would stay away from C names though, so that's why, but I do like those names regardless.
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  • Boys


  • Thank you so much everyone for the input. You've helped me narrow things down a bit.  I appreciate all the suggestions! 
  • I love Meredith with your girls.  Corinne is great but too close to Cora.  Leo is my pick from your boys. I like Lucas too but it is very common in my area.
  • I think we are settled on Maren Eloise if we have a girl but if we have a baby boy on Tuesday we are in trouble! 

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