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Group 4 (EDD May 22-31) Check-in w/o 9/24


Re: Group 4 (EDD May 22-31) Check-in w/o 9/24

  • @msb615 thanks for checking in :) The doctor wasn't able to do much for me yesterday, but I did see the chiropractor today.  I've sprained my lower back, so thats super awesome.  He did adjust my hips which has helped a bit, but basically I just have to wait it out.  The shooting pain down my leg he said is totally normal for such an injury and was surprised that I hadn't also felt it shooting upwards as well 
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  • @mcewen3 Ugh that sucks! I’m sorry there wasn’t much more he could do for you. Waiting it out is not exactly what you want to hear when you’re in pain! Glad the adjustment helped some though! 
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    @msb615 I find "wait it out" to be about the worst solution as a parent, lol.  Before kids I would be like, ok.  I'll take it easy, pamper myself a bit and just rest up.  That is 100% not an option anymore.  Life doesn't slow down no matter how bad mom needs it.  The one thing I am very grateful for is that at least my kids are old enough now to do a fair bit for themselves.  Since I'm pregnant and I can't really take anything to help ease the pain I am thankful not to be carting a toddler around on my hip half the day.  
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  • @mcewen3 that’s oh so very true! If life would slow down just a bit every now and then, that’d be great! 
  • @msb615 oy that sounds hard with DS. Mine can't talk, but I'm sure I'll be going through the same thing soon enough. 

    Why do babies love cords so much?! You have allll these toys, but you want to play with things carrying electrical currents, can you not?
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge Because dangerous/breakable/loud things are so much more fun. 😊 
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    @DuchessOfCambridge yup! They love basically anything that is NOT a toy. 

    @msb615 I've been thinking about getting my hips adjusted ever since delivering my daughter.  Since then,  I've had this deep ache that flares up often.  Did you have that? 

  • @expandcontract , not @msb615 but I do get that deep ache in my hips.  Often.  I don't actually find that chiro helps all that much, what was working for me before we moved was seeing a massage therapist who was also certified in manual osteopathy.  I'm hours away from her right now and can't find anyone local who does it, but the next time (and every time after that through this pregnancy) that I go home to visit my mom you can bet that I'll be making an appt.  
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  • @expandcontract My hips are kind of weird and will somewhat pop out of joint and hurt if I move a certain way, but I haven’t noticed a deep ache. My pregnancy pillow helps my back and hips not ache in the morning though, but it sounds like you may need more relief than a pillow can provide. I would look into @mcewen3 recommendation of a massage. That sounds wonderful regardless! 
  • Thank you @msb615 . I've gotten quite a few massages since delivery. My massage therapist was the one who mentioned going to a chiropractor for my hips (since that was one of my biggest complaints). 
    I'm nervous they'll mess up my alignment. But that's why I should ask around in my region and get recommendations for a good one. 

  • @expandcontract I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, and some people swear by them, but I’m somewhat leery of them. I college, I worked at a personal injury law firm, and my attorney always said it was a money pit, and you just end up getting a huge bill at the end of it and the issue not resolved. Going by our cases and the people that saw a chiropractor rather than a doctor or PT, I somewhat agree. 😬
  • @msb615 yes, I've seen that too from what the doctors I work with say. There's a reason why insurances don't usually cover chiros. 

  • @msb615 @expandcontract if you can find a massage therapist who does manual osteopathy, DO IT!  That seriously got me to the end of my last pregnancy feeling amazing.  The manual osteopathy is a form of adjustment, but its really different from a chiropractic adjustment.  Very gentle and fluid.  The lady I saw would do some massage, gently adjust my hips a bit, massage some more, then give them another little nudge.  One doesn't work without the other, and I honestly think that's why most chiropractic adjustments don't do anything or don't last.  The massage opens things up, then the adjustment gets things back in line.  But without the massage, I find any type of adjustment usually doesn't stick
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  • @mcewen3 I’ll have to keep that in mind if my hips start aching later in pregnancy. My back was what bothered me the most last time, so I’m sure that’ll happen again. Most definitely will be getting a prenatal massage this time. 🙂
  • @mcewen3 Thank you for that info.  I'll ask my therapist if she knows anyone who does that.  

  • @msb615 my back killed during my last pregnancy. I’m curious to see what happens this time because a lot of the pain was due to my chair at work/sitting for so long. I got two massage gift certificates for my birthday after DS was born. I never used them so I think they are going to become third tri prenatal massages. 

    Alsl, I find it ridiculous they don’t send a masseuse to each room postpartum. Like every hour. I’ve never been so sore in my life. 
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge Yesss! Sitting for more than an hour would make my back ache and then just hurt so bad by the end of the day. I have a “desk job”, so not much way around that. I had the lumbar pillow, and that didn’t help at all. I carried DS pretty low, and always assumed that contributed to my back hurting so bad. I’m really hoping this time is different! That’ll be superrrr nice having the massage gift certificates! I have a feeling I’ll be telling husband and family members that’s what I want for Christmas! 😂 Also agree with postpartum massages. I’d even pay extra for that! I felt like I had been hit by a train. Looked like it too 🙈
  • @DuchessOfCambridge it always amazes me when people recieve gift cards for a message or the spa and they don't use it for months.  Cuz I'd  be like .......

  • @msb615 I had a lumbar pillow too and I got them to give me an “ergonomic” chair. Both were useless. My back hurting plus acid reflux were my two major complaints. I was ready to go to a chiropractor or get some kind of medicine or something. My OB kept telling me it just was what it was. And I  definitely am not looking forward to the reflux again, I lived on Tums and Zantac.

    @expandcontract both spas aren’t easy to get to for me and parking is difficult in those areas so I just haven’t done it yet. Nothing lights a fire under me like third tri backache though 😂  I did get an at home massage last time! It was through the Soothe app but I think they changed their pricing to be much steeper, it was very affordable when I did it. Can’t say I would recommend it though, she didn’t have a pregnancy specific table so while it was nice, it wasn’t as comfortable as it could have been. 
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  • I bought myself a 90 minute prenatal massage during second trimester. I slept through the whole thing so I didn’t even get to enjoy it  :'( not doing that again!
    IUI 08/2013 - natural cycle, BFN
    IUI 10/2013 - Clomid cycle, BFN
    IUI 11/2013 - Clomid cycle, BFN
    IUI 03/2014 - Clomid cycle, BFN
    IUI 05/2014 - Femara + FSH, BFN
    IUI 06/2014 - FSH, BFP! DS born 02/2015

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    INVOcell IVF September 2018 - BFP!!! EDD June 1st 2019
  • Due date/W+D: May 22nd by my calculations 

    Baby is the size of a(n): sweet pea

    Any appointments? Questions?: I have an appointment on the 9th!! I don’t have a ton of questions. This is my 5th so at this point I’m pretty prepared for next week. I’m sure I’ll have some questions though. :)

    Rants/Raves?: Just excited!

    How are you feeling?: Good! I’m tired of course but I am much more positive in my mood than last pregnancy. Much less anxiety at this point than last time. I was terribly shaky with my 4th. It was nuts.

    GTKY - Stealing from another group last week - what is your ideal babymoon? Maybe just a night out with my man. Nice restaurant & go walking somewhere... maybe a movie. Just time to ourselves that’s outside of the house. ❤️

  • @SuzanneD89 this #5 for me too. How old are your other kiddos? 

  • Due date/W+D: May 27th 6w0d

    Baby is the size of a(n): Sweet Pea

    Any appointments? STILL waiting for my referral. Blood work came back positive though!!

    Questions?:  This is my second so as for questions, I think I am good for a little bit but I am sure I’ll have a bunch!

     Rants/Raves?: I am so dang tired all the time and miss my big cup of morning coffee. I also wish I would just tell everyone since people at work so I don’t have to do as much haha :)

     How are you feeling?: good, just tired!

     GTKY - Stealing from another group last week - what is your ideal baby-moon?  Just a weekend away, just me and the hubs with no worries!
  • @michegilb we have the same due date 😊 good luck on your pregnancy! Also, I so want to tell my coworkers too haha

    New mommy to be!
    EDD: 05/27/19
    hoping for a girl!!!
  • The Olsen twins are so creepy now. 

  • Hi were due date buddies im due on May 28 too!!
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