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Too matchy with last name?

Hello everyone, 
I'm pregnant with girl #2. I seem to love L names, but avoided them with our first because of our last name, which sounds sort of like Lenders. Now I'm thinking maybe the alliteration is worth it because I just can't let go of those names now that we know that this one is a girl. DD is Juliet. Thoughts on:

Lena Lenders
Layla/Laila Lenders

Thanks for opinions!

Re: Too matchy with last name?

  • Lena seems too matchy and Layla Lenders is a lot of L's. Beautiful names but just don't sound right with the LN. 
    I had to give up one of my favorites because it just did not work with our LN. It sucks!
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  • I agree with what @bellebaby221 said about the specific names you suggested. I don't think that all L names should be discounted though...

    (either could be a nn for Elizabeth)
  • I like Lena but it’s too matchy


  • Well darn. I was hoping you'd tell me the answers I wanted to hear! :) Thanks for the input, everyone! 
  • I do think that both are matchy.

    what about names that start with the pronunciation of L instead of the phonetic sound?



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  • I actually don’t really mind it if it’s a name you love and it doesn’t end up sounding stripper-ish. Lena Lenders sounds like a comic book character or a news anchor, but not in a bad way imo.
  • A few other L names that are a little less matchy: Lydia, Leah, Lindsay. And a few non L names you might like: Hazel, Piper, Poppy, Cara, Clara, Isla, Amy
  • Thank you everyone. I really like some of these suggestions! @kimvisioli, your reply made me laugh because I've been trying to use the reporter Lara Logan as evidence that we should do it, so you read my mind!  (Although I realize her names aren't as matchy as ours, but still!) Thank you, everyone!
  • I would personally stay away from L first names. We have to stay away from L’s because of our last name ourselves.

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