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Weekly Wins

I know a lot of us are feeling like junk right now so Iwant to start a thread where we talk about our wins, big or small! 

My win is that I got the 3 baskets of clean laundry that I’ve been putting off, all put away. Also I scored an awesome solid wood chest toy box at the local thrift store for $10 and I’m going to re-finish it this weekend for my son’s room so I can get rid of a couple dumb plastic toy bins that I hate.  


Re: Weekly Wins

  • @keighty80 that’s definitely some good wins! I would love to find a good wooden toy chest for a good price. Toys are taking over our house.

     @secicc12 Not throwing up after a pound of Chinese is for sure a win! We’re trying to do some house stuff too and got a quote back yesterday, but I’m not so sure I would consider it a win. Haha
  • @knottie49db0b109d03c919 I’m fighting the good fight! I had students out with the stomach flu, multiple colds, tons of coughing and sneezing. I’m disinfecting like a mad woman since there are approximately 2 meds you can take while pregnant and sick. Lol.
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  • @bluesky24   A win for sure!  Any alone time is a win in my book!

  • @DuchessOfCambridge You has some great finds! I’m so excited to start buying cute baby clothes. Guilty pleasure for sure! 

    @bluesky24 Definitely a win! 

    @nopegoat Your house will at least stay clean a little longer without an extra kid to mess it up again!  :)
  • @msb615 Tell me more about this nonalcoholic sangria!

    @mamajojo1981 I'm going to look for those!  Any excuse to go to Trader Joe's, really.

    I just ate a donut and it was extra yummy.  

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  • @mrsdee15 ; Donuts are my weakness and now i want one! 

  • @mrsdee15 @expandcontract I got a pumpkin donut after my appointment today. Yummm.

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  • secicc12 said:
    @mrsdee15 @expandcontract I got a pumpkin donut after my appointment today. Yummm.
    A local farm store around here has homemade in-house pumpkin donuts and cider donuts...I'm hoping we can get to them sooooooooon before I may not want them........
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  • Congratulations!!! @GeorgiaGirl1230 ;
    That's awesome!
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  • @GeorgiaGirl1230 that’s great!!!! Congrats!!!
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  • @mrsdee15 My husband said he found it in the juice aisle at Publix! It’s made by Welch’s. I had nonalcoholic wine during my last pregnancy, and I might as well have just put apple juice in a wine glass, but this sparkling sangria exceeded my expectations! 

    @GeorgiaGirl1230 That’s awesome! Congratulations!!
  • @GeorgiaGirl1230 congratulations!!! So awesome 😊
  • Congrats @GeorgiaGirl1230!! That's really freakin' cool. Hope you are celebrating, maybe with some of @msb615's nonalcoholic sangria ;)
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  • @msb615 I was all about the martinelli's sparkling cider last pregnancy for special occassions but that sangria sounds worth a try.

    @GeorgiaGirl1230 congratulations!!
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  • @kvh22 Definitely give it a try! I’ll have to look for the sparkling cider!
  • I only woke up ONCE last night versus the 4-5 times over the last 2 weeks. More uninterrupted sleep made a HUGE difference this morning!
  • The plus sise of getting up at an ungodly hour is that I am getting stuff done and feel good before leaving for work. I managed to do a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher today. So what if it is before 5am? It is done. I call that winning.
  • @lappymom2019 damn girl! You got motivation! Good for you!

  • @expandcontract only at 4am. I am currently falling asleep on the couch by 7:30 

  • megsb615megsb615
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    @lappymom2019 I’d definitely say that’s winning! Even if I couldn’t sleep, I’m pretty sure I’d just toss and turn in bed or watch tv instead of being productive haha 
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