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Re: Symptoms 9/20- 9/26

  • Super sweaty here too and I feel like I smell bad. No one has said anything, so I suppose I'm okay, but I switched to Lume deodorant and like it a lot. Plus you can use it in areas besides the pits. I sleep with a/c and a powerful fan blown right at me. The combo has warded off night sweats, so far. 
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    I had lots of dizziness from like weeks 15-20 with my first pregnancy. I think it was from dehydration and poor snack choices lol. I started drinking Gatorade (I get so sick of water) and eating more fulfilling snacks like cheese, trail mix, protein bars, and dark chocolate. (Did you know dark chocolate has protein and iron? Lol)  

    Also add me to the swampy crotch club. I think I'll take a page out of Cardi B's book and call it a lake instead of a swamp :D the word swamp doesn't do us any favors! 
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  • i have the itchiest nipples right now :( 
  • Try nursing nipple cream. It should help. Or maybe even regular lotion.

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  • @bdesterhouse i put on some mustela "bust firming serum" and stretch mark prevention oil because that's kinda all i had lying around at the moment. they def feel a little better now but damn....... 
  • Reading all your symptoms makes me feel more normal haha. I’m sixteen weeks and I am also on the stink train :( and sweat for no reason. I am also constantly freezing unless I do too much or am outside. And yes to the sore crotch... so annoying. Last pregnancy I was able to shave my legs in the shower up until late third trimester. My belly was huge but I could still lift my leg up.. I already have to find another way with this baby because of the crotch pain lol. And I still have bouts of nausea throughout the day but it’s worst at night I just feel icky and sick until I sleep. Come on second trimester glow :)!
  • What's that smell? Oh's me. Add me too!
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  • I’m feeling so sick & exhausted and suffering with low blood pressure. Anyone else? How do you deal with it? This is way early for me. 
  • @keikilove ugh I hate low blood pressure. Mine is on the lower side pre-pregnancy and it's annoying because there are no resources on it because no one cares unless you have high BP or your BP is so low that you're fainting (which my mom had). Definitely talk to your doctor but I manage my acute case by drinking lots of fluids and light exercise (20-30 minute walks) daily. Avoid the heat and standing for long periods of time. Change position slowly from lying to sitting, sitting to standing. MH has learned that if I have been standing for awhile and suddenly ask for water and a place to sit that my bp has dropped and I'm feeling light headed. If I push myself farther than that, my vision will black out.
  • Thanks @mayoduck. My BP is also always on the lower end, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years. This new dip is somewhat lower & making me feel so unwell. I’m trying to drink nonstop and eat salty foods. Hoping it improves soon!
  • Add me to the swamp crotch club. This didn't happen with DS, so it's an unwelcome surprise. I just feel all around crappy - still kind of nauseous off and on, headaches, and so so tired. Blaahhhhhhh.
  • Thrown up three times today on zofran...15w4d. Feel like crap 

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  • This week I’ve had so many headaches, more nausea than ever, zero energy (even worse now!) and feeling huuuuuge. Poor DD. Moms shouldn’t be allowed to feel so crappy. I’m 13w4d. Come on second trimester..... I’m looking at you! 
  • totally not pregnancy related but i caught DH's cold even though i tried relentlessly to keep it (and him) away from me. UGH!!!!!! guess it's going to be me and tylenol for the next 2 to 4 days. so wishing i could pop a sudafed right now. my throat is on fire from post nasal drip and one of my nostrils is completely clogged. FUN times.
  • @indigoheightsblog yuck - colds while prego are the worst! If you’re not already, I highly recommend saline nasal spray a couple times a day, helps me breath a little better!
  • Odd. Sudafed is on my clinic provided list of approved medicines during pregnancy.
  • @indigoheightsblog I'm dealing with the same thing right now. I work with undergraduates and many of them live in dorms so they're always sickly and coughing. The weird thing is that when I get a cold, I usually have a day or two of a sore throat when I'm wondering if I'm really getting sick or not and then my head fills up with snot and I start coughing. This time, I just felt really thirsty the other night before going to bed, and the next morning I woke up with a full-blown cold. The symptoms seemed to have peaked early but haven't gotten worse as the days have gone on. Idk if this is because my immune system didn't even bother to fight it off? Or if it's just the specific type of bug that's going around? I mean, it sucks either way. I'm just always trying to figure out my body these days... 
  • @mayoduck really?! not on mine! :( 
  • I am absolutely ravenous. I feel like I have 2 full time jobs now, my actual job and then eating. I don’t remember being this hungry last time, although my husband assures me that I was eating constantly then too. It feels like I can’t even keep up with the hunger. 
  • @maggiemadeit i am STARVING. i just went to pick up salads from CHOPT for dinner and on the way there i stopped for french fries as an "appetizer" at the drive-thru which i am NOT proud of. but i just feel like i can not wait even 10 minutes if i'm hungry i NEED FOOD. this is crazy!!!! hoping i have an easy time bouncing back because i feel like i'm developing some nasty habits.... :( 
  • @maggiemadeit I ate 1/3 of a package of birthday cake Oreos between lunch and breakfast this morning. I feel ya!
  • Me too! Even while still fighting a cold I have definitely been hungrier than previously. I'll have a pretty substantial snack and then 30 minutes later feel starving again. Baby gearing up for a growth spurt maybe?
  • @Kenneylynn3 ugh I’m sosorry you still feel awful! I was on zofran starting around week 8-15 and was very sick even with it! Finally I was switched to diclegis but it was too expensive so now I’m on B6 and unisum I feel so much better and I’m not throwing up anymore. I’m not sure what all you have tried but it might be worth calling your doctor. 

    @indigoheightsblog and @mayoduck Plain sudafed is on my safe list and I double checked with the pharmacist about it too. You just have to ask for it from them because it’s one that you have to sign for. It might be worth calling your doctor to ask.

    Yikes to everyone not feeling well this week. Here’s to getting rest, relief, and fluids this weekend! 
  • Cold is gone but pretty sure I have an ear infection now. Really, body? Really?
  • This whole pregnancy i have dealt with nausea...made it to 14 weeks and thought the 2nd trimester bliss would set it. Nope. Morning sickness has decided to rear it’s ugly head instead. Soooo over it. 
  • m3ganmc said:
    This whole pregnancy i have dealt with nausea...made it to 14 weeks and thought the 2nd trimester bliss would set it. Nope. Morning sickness has decided to rear it’s ugly head instead. Soooo over it. 
    I'm sorry it's not fading. Fwiw, 2nd Tri has never been a light switch for me with nausea. It tends to start to fade around 15 or 16 weeks. I'm almost 18 weeks now, and I still have the occasional wave and dry heave, usually associated with getting up and moving fast or scooping up my daughter or whatever. 

    Hope it gets better soon!
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    Anyone else have funky episodes where they feel like they’re going to pass out? (Lasted about 5 minutes along with dizziness and cold sweats). Thoughts?
  • @mamaoftwomonkeys That sounds scary! Blood pressure maybe? 
  • @mamaoftwomonkeys I agree either blood pressure or blood sugar? Last weekend when I was cooking bacon I almost passed out and had to sit down and finish cooking it from the island stool (I trust no one with my bacon...). I have had a couple light headed episodes like that where I *need* to sit, but they haven’t been accompanied by cold sweats. Probably worth mentioning to your doc if they keep happening 
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  • Thanks @maggiemadeit ; it for sure was scary! I don’t think it was blood pressure because I sometimes get orthostatic low blood pressure but it usually resolves in seconds... these longer episodes happened a few times last pregnancy too (once while I was driving and had to pull over!) but the Dr wasn’t sure last time. I think maybe you might be on to something with the low blood sugar @mamakate1616 because I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet this time... 
  • @mamaoftwomonkeys I have some issues with blood sugar and yes, when it’s low I can have episodes a lot like that! I always have granola bars in my car and purse for that very reason.
  • @mamaoftwomonkeys I would guess low blood pressure. My blood pressure is on the lower end when I am not pregnant and especially if I am a little dehydrated, standing for awhile and/or been out in the heat, this causes my BP to lower further. I will start to feel light headed, maybe also cold and sweaty. At this point, I immediately sit down. If someone is nearby, I ask for water too. If I don't do these things and continue to push myself, my vision starts to black out. I have never actually passed out from low BP but my mom used to. Please take care of yourself!
  • @mamaoftwomonkeys Yeah, this happened to me the other day when I was starting work. I just sat down, and my coworker got me a glass of water, and it settled out after a minute or two. My blood pressure is normally fine, and I had eaten a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, so I'm really not sure what happened.
  • I feel like I’m having Braxton hix contractions, but they seem really high on my stomach. Like an inch or two above my belly button. I need to drink more water tomorrow, I think I’m a little dehydrated today.
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  • How are you feeling today? @meggyme

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  • Any one else feel totally normal in 2nd tri? I’m 16w and for the last few days I’ve felt so normal. Besides being super crabby ;) i don’t remember it being so easy the first time around! 
  • @tami0623 i'm right there with you! it's actually a little alarming. i'm a FTM so i'm extra nervous because i'm not 100% sure what to expect. i've been pretty asymptomatic this entire time, so feeling even "LESS pregnant" is actually not the walk in the park that it should be.... all it does is cause me worry. next doppler isn't until 10/11 and next ultrasound isn't until 10/18 so i guess i'll just be on and off panicking between now and then........ UGH
  • @meggyme I've been having what I think are BH too. Any time I'm stressed, dehydrated, or doing something active (carrying groceries, etc) my belly gets all hard and uncomfortable. They started around 20 wks last time, so I wasn't expecting them this soon, but I don't know what else it could be. 
  • @bdesterhouse @lindseyb918 they’re gone today. I have a hard time keeping up with drinking water on the weekends. I always have a water bottle on me at work, but it’s a lot easier to forget on the weekend. I just need to be more vigilant about it.
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