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Reassurance advice?

This is my 2nd and I remember feeling this way with my 1st as well but I literally don’t feel anything, symptom wise. Last time I at least at sore boobs... but this time, besides being tired, I don’t feel like I have any symptoms and it makes me nervous. We had an ultrasound and I’m measuring 6 weeks ... saw the fluttering of the heart beat but it still doesn’t feel real. Is there something I can do to reassure myself all is ok? Some sort of fetal Doppler that would work this early? 

Re: Reassurance advice?

  • what Duchess said above. This is my second too and my symptoms feel much lighter for some reason. I think each pregnancy is different, plus also there's a chance we were really zeroing in on every little symptom the first time around. One of my mom friends who is pregnant with #2 says she has to remind herself she is pregnant most of the time. 
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  • Try not to stress. I know that's so hard. I'm not terribly symptomatic (even less morning sickness than I had with DD at this point - which was minimal anyway), and I feel like my boobs are probably only as sore as they are bc I'm taking progesterone.

    *TW* But, with my loss, I was sick as a dog from day 1, tired all the time, emotional rollercoaster, text book sympotomatic. *End TW*

    So I'm really trying not to put too much weight in the symptoms. You've had a wonderful u/s so far, which is so great! That's the best reassurance. And just hold tight and have faith until your next.

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  • I need some reassurance as well. I don't have any morning sickness, although I'm trying to be thankful for that. I am a FTM, and I told my DH today, I don't feel like myself, but since I've never been PG, I don't know if I feel preggers either. I do have very sore boobs, but my boobs are big, and after a long day at work, they are usually a bit tender. I'm tired, but who isn't? I had some tummy issues earlier in the week that lasted about 12 hrs. Not sure if all these things add up to anything. 

    The real issue is that my OBGYN's office called this Thurs and said my Doc would be out of the office on Mon the 24th which was my first scheduled appointment. So now I have to wait another full week to get my first U/S to see what's what. Not sure what if anything I should be looking for as far as how I feel.
  • @purplejoymommy it really can vary. I didn’t get very sick with my first - only threw up maybe once a week, otherwise eating or sour stuff would stop my nausea. Right now I still don’t have sore boobs and my nausea is minimal - this morning in the car was the first time this pregnancy I was like I need food now OR ELSE. I’m only 4+5, so it’s still pretty early. As baby grows and starts needing more from you, more symptoms come, and if you’re lucky, they subside once the placenta takes over nourishment. At this point I often forget I’m pregnant 🤷‍♀️ I hope this helps!

  • @purplejoymommy Agree with Duchess. Every pregnancy is different. A lack of symptoms does not necessarily mean things aren’t going well. With my first pregnancy, I had practically no symptoms at all in the first trimester. No morning sickness, no sore boobs, no extreme fatigue, and now I have a sweet and wild two year old. I remember being worried about the lack of symptoms with my son, and several women on my son’s bmb always said to be thankful for the lack of symptoms because there are many healthy pregnancies without morning sickness, etc. It always helped me to remember that. Hope it brings you some comfort also!
  • Thank you so much @DuchessOfCambridge and @msb615 for the insight. No one knows yet except my DH and my dog, so I'm glad to be able to ask TB. We are trying to wait to announce around my bday at the end of Oct, then I'm sure I'll have too much advice once I start telling people. 
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