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    @echo-charlietango with DS and this baby (so far) no one has ever said anything to me about my occasional glass of winner with dinner. And I was very obviously pregnant with DS for some of it! 

    @PensiveCrayon no time limit! A lady at work who's done having kids did this ring test and it told her two girls, which is exactly what she has. Do it and let us know what it predicts for you! The test I did goes like this...take a strand of your hair, put it through your wedding ring and hold the ends together so the ring is suspended in air, place one hand (doesn't matter which) palm flat on a surface. Then you have to (gently) swing the ring between (but still suspended above since your hand is flat on a surface) each finger starting at the pinky to thumb and back to pinky. Then you hold the ring above the middle of your hand, if it swings side to side it's a girl, if it goes in a circle it's a boy. Just hold it there a few seconds to determine what it's doing, then repeat the whole process of going through the fingers. You stop once the ring just stands still (no side to side or circle) after going between the fingers. Does that make sense? Lol

    ETA someone in May 2019 posted a YouTube link! I just did it again and still got boy, boy, girl, stop, which so far the boy, boy part is correct!!

    Here's the link: 

    (and I get there is no truth to me, DH is adamant about stopping after 2, so if I get 3 like it predicted I'll be 100% shocked lol, moreso if it ends up being a girl as DHs male lineage seems to not produce girls at all)

    And +1 to nipple confusion being stupid. My son started a pacifier on like day 2, still in the hospital, and never had issues. We went back and forth between breast and bottle all the time, and even between breast milk and formula. He also had no preference for certain bottle types, so DH and I got to be picky about our bottles lol.

    I'm eyerolling so hard at some of the things people have been told lol.
    DS1 born 2/28/16
    DS2 due 12/12/18

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