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Pregnancy/Childbirth/Postpartum Myths

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I know there are lots of these out there. Let’s bust them!


Re: Pregnancy/Childbirth/Postpartum Myths

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  • @Jens_Hoes Yes, that is such a good point! Cycles can be VERY wonky while breastfeeding, so if you are preventing during that time, be extra careful! (Btw my brother and I were inseparable as kids, due to being so close in age, so it ended up being a great age gap, despite my mom's initial shock, haha, so I bet your LOs will be best buds.)
  • Pregnancy myth - you tell me?! I've been told that you carry boys lower. This LO (male) has definitely been/stayed lower than DD was. 
  • @hoosiermama-2 I carried high my entire pregnancy with ds1. This pregnancy i have carried very low so we will see if that changes.
  • @hoosiermama-2 I carried DS low. This time, I feel like baby is higher, but we are team green, so I’ll have to let you know come December!

  • @hoosiermama-2 I carried DS very low and I feel like I'm carrying this baby (girl) high, but I think it's just coincidence. 
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  • ^^ Word. DD had donor milk in a bottle (well, syringe) the day she was born because we couldn't latch well. She nursed until 18 months.
  • Yes, to the nipple confusion being a farce. Ds had to have a bottle after every feeding from 2-8 weeks and once we eliminated the bottle, he nursed just fine. We also used a paci from the time he was 3 days old.

  • @ebk20 Yuuup! Flexibility. That's all we really need to say! 
  • @rosebud332 Someone at work told me that last time, too! I had never heard of such a thing!

  • Wait is it too late to do the ring test now that I’m on my second? I want four but H wants three :joy:
    Me: 31 | DH: 31
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    @PensiveCrayon definitely not too late.. do it! ETA and report back!  :p
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  • Oh, I forgot, I heard SO MANY insane breastfeeding myths. My husband's cousin insisted to me that breastfed babies did not need tummy time because their stomach muscles naturally developed due to breastmilk (my doctor literally rolled her eyes) and the receptionist at my dentist's office told me to put breastmilk in my DD's eyes to keep them blue (LOL.)
  • @maureenmce OMG, those are two I’ve never heard!! People come up with the craziest things, I’m telling you :lol:
  • @maureenmce In her eyes?!?!? What? That is crazy!

  • I had someone tell me the same thing about not raising your arms above your head. So weird! 
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  • +1 for the raising arms myth!! I was like wtf lady that doesnt even make since, when my co-worker yelled this at me for reaching up high. I was pregnant with ds then.
  • @echo-charlietango Wow! I'm glad no one has given you an earful over that! I've been avoiding sushi even though my healthcare providers say I can have it from higher end places... just because I got an evil eye early on when I was barely showing still. :D
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