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Which one?

Open to suggestions for middle name. Have been looking for a one syllable Irish middle name. Appreciate the feedback

Which one? 44 votes

Sienna Bree
45% 20 votes
Keira Bree
54% 24 votes

Re: Which one?

  • I like Keira but much prefer the Irish spelling Ciara, despite pronunciation issues.  If you live in an area with a lot of Irish heritage you might find that most people pronounce it correctly. 

    I do not like Bree. Suggesting 

    Ciara Maeve
    Ciara Shea
    Ciara Brooke
    Ciara Joy
    Ciara Joyce 
    Ciara June
    Ciara Neve
    Ciara May

  • Love Sienna, other middle names that could go well other than Bree 

    Sienna Brynn
    Sienna Ava
    Sienna Claire
    Sienna Gael
    Sienna Maeve
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