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  • **Lurking from Apr

    @catlady2015 - I am only 4'11 and love my Lillebaby. I went to a baby wearing group to try a bunch on and found this one was the best and it fit DH good too. We go to Disneyworld a lot and it was a lifesaver. Up until recently I wore my 2yo on occasion but I am a little too short for it to my comfortable now but DH can still wear her. 

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  • @chocolatelemons @loveclimbing thanks for the suggestions. DD was preemie sized under 6lbs and down to about 5lbs when we brought her home. I guess I should have specified preemie sized. I’ll look into the k’tan though. They say there is a chance this one will be preemie sized too. 
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    So, speaking of non-kosher babywearing things, haha. 

    My daughter is in a wants to be carried all the time phase. She's so heavy and she won't learn to walk, so if I want to take her outside when it's wet, I have to just hold her. *sigh* She likes sitting on my hip and hanging onto my arm so she can look around. So I DIYed a sort-of ring sling. I knotted the two corners on one long side of a thin towel together and then the two corners on the other long side together, then put it over my shoulder like a sling. It sort of worked. Because just the corners were knotted, it made a really crazy bucket for her to sit in, and I had to have her legs in as well. Because the middle part of the towel couldn't be shrunk up at all (because only the corners were knotted as opposed to the whole width of material being cinched up), I couldn't get her high enough on my hip, no matter how much I tightened the knots. 

    So it didn't entirely work, but it worked enough that I definitely want a ring sling! It was definitely better than holding her in my arms. I'm going to look into making my own. I might convert the woven wrap I made into a ring sling. We'll see. 
  • @lovesclimbing you could just get the metal rings and give it a try that way. I think the wrap has to be pretty long, but that way you can try it before you fully commit to cutting/sewing/buying a ring sling.
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  • meggyme said:
    @lovesclimbing you could just get the metal rings and give it a try that way. I think the wrap has to be pretty long, but that way you can try it before you fully commit to cutting/sewing/buying a ring sling.
    Yup, that's my plan. My one concern is the width, though. Most ring slings, from what I can tell, are 10" or so wider than woven wraps. Although I don't remember how wide my woven is, and I don't have it with me to measure, I do remember that it was on the narrow side for a wrap to begin with. We'll see. It'll definitely work at least to try it around the house. 
  • @lovesclimbing you should have 2 passes with the fabric though, right? It might still be ok.
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  • meggyme said:
    @lovesclimbing you should have 2 passes with the fabric though, right? It might still be ok.
    I don't know? I guess I don't know at all how ring slings work and should read up on that!  :p I assumed it was just one loop of fabric, kind of like how I tied my towel. Essentially it's like just a large circle of fabric, and the only reason you have the ring and have two ends instead of a continuos loop is so that it can be adjusted bigger or smaller. But I guess not? Guess I'll have to start researching!
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  • Bumping this because it got buried and I couldn't find it.
  • Finished reading this thread... since our babies will be born in March as the weather is changing from cold to warm (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere), any thoughts/recommendations for baby wearing products less likely to make mom or baby overheat? Or is that not typically an issue?
  • @mayoduck babywearing is generally a pretty sweaty endeavor. I like the structured carriers with some breathable material and slings out of natural fabric like cotton or linen. For cold weather I like to layer, use blankets or babywearing covers to keep warm over a lighter carrier. Also, dressing baby seasonably helps too, especially if they will be in and out of the carrier.
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  • @mayoduck We used the  K’tan since it comes in a material specifically for warmer weather. Unfortunately, DS wasn’t a huge fan of any carrier when he was little, but I’ve heard good things from others.
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    Does anyone have a Beco or know someone who does? My mom asked what I wanted for this baby, and I'm trying to decide between a Lillebaby all seasons and a Beco 8 or Gemini. I like the idea of cross crossed straps, but I'm not sure how they'd work in practice. Can you uncross them if I decide I don't like crossed? Is there the clip to hold the straps together in back if it's uncrossed? I think I'd like the option of uncrossed because I do know that works fine because that's what my infantino is. I'm unaware of any places I can go to try them on near me. 
  • @lovesclimbing I have a lillebaby toddler carrier and it’s great. You can wear the straps crossed or not, front or back and the lumbar pad is genius. I got mine as an open box deal for $80 and we used it for 2 weeks straight with my 2 year old in Europe.
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  • For those of you who have used ring slings, is there a particular brand you recommend? I’m just looking for something easy to use. I’m 5’6 so length shouldn’t be a problem.
  • @chocolatelemons they’re all pretty much the same. I’d go for a natural fiber (mine is linen) and metal rings. Depending on your preference some have a pleated, sewn shoulder and others don’t. I like the pleats because it holds the rings together nicely and looks pretty.
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    I agree functionally they are the same, but I am a brand snob and adore Sakura Bloom. I have linen, silk, and chambray slings from them and love them all (which is good thing because they are expensive!).
    I got a chambray sling from Wildbird for Christmas and while the fabric is beautiful, it does not have the same smooth chambray feel of the Sakura Bloom and I am concerned about snags (but for about $50 less, it’s fine).
    I also have my eye(s?) on a double linen from Wildbird. I stalked a lady in target that was wearing one and asked her to feel it and it was much nicer feeing than the chambray I got. 
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  • @mamakate1616 I had an onbuhimo from Sakura Bloom. Love their fabrics! I’m prob going to get something a bit more wallet friendly first this time. DS hated the onbuhimo and so did I so I want to make sure I like wearing it first.
  • @chocolatelemons I got mine for around $40 from Bibetts online. They have single linens and double linens I believe. No complaints, and I plan to use it for the newborn phase. They’re a little tough at first but they break in pretty nice. I don’t think mine has any snags.
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  • @meggyme Ooo that’s a great price for linen. I’ll have to look into that. Also came across Maya Wraps and they have a few sale styles for $40.
  • I missed this thread when I was absent, and along with my cloth diapers, this is what I’m most looking forward to. I have waaaaay too many wraps, and I have tried a little bit of everything. For #1, I mostly used Mei tais, with a sprinkle of every other flavor and wrapping into toddlerhood. And #2 was almost all wraps, and a Tula after age 2. I actually did put her up as a newborn all the time, but I was already super experienced at wrapping (it’s not suggested with buckle carriers or with inexperienced wearers). I actually bought a new woven before we managed to get pregnant and I can’t wait to break it in, and I was thinking about getting a second wrapsody stretch hybrid...because that was by far my favorite wrap for the newborn period...though my husband will say “what’s wrong with the one you have” lol
  • PSA: There is a 60% off coupon for Lillebaby on Amazon!
  • @mihaelams1 where do I find the coupon?
  • @chocolatelemons looks like it was yesterday only. Now I see it's 20% off only. It was just an Amazon coupon, which you can "clip" under the price.
  • Well, I now have a Lillebaby! My mom asked what I wanted, and I said Lillebaby. It was only after that I remembered I was considering a Lillebaby or Beco. Well, I guess my mom ordered one right away, and it just came in the mail, haha. I hadn't told her which model, but she's smart and got the Complete All Seasons, which is what I wanted rather than the standard Complete or the Air Flow.

    From the illustrations on the box (@meggyme, like you were saying about the toddler one), the straps can be crossed! So seems like I'm getting the best of both worlds! Here's hoping we love it! 
  • @lovesclimbing Sweet! I’m super jealous. That’s the carrier I have my eye on, but I am having trouble paying what it costs. That’s so sweet that your mom did that! 
  • It is pricy, hence why we didn't get it with baby #1. My mom did say she got it new off eBay for half price. The box it came in was damaged, but the carrier itself is obviously unused and brand new with tags still on. 
  • @maggiemadeit check the lillebaby website from time to time, they post open box deals periodically. That's how we got ours last time. We didn't use it much though, and it felt too cumbersome for me personally. I got an Infantino Sash now from a kids consignment sale, let's see how that works out. I think DH will stick to Lillebaby since he liked it.
  • @lovesclimbing @mihaelams1 Thanks for the tips! I will keep my eyes out for a deal! 
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