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Anterior Placenta or Placenta Previa

Just how many Jannuary 2019 mommy's have found out they have one of these at their 20 week scan? I now know I have an anterior placenta as far as I know it isn't low lying but it still sucks. Baby's movements can be quite muffled but I try not to worry myself... I know it's just my placenta. I felt movement early at about 11 weeks, and have gotten more frequent but can be absent most of the day or extremely frequent depending on of baby is facing my back side or not. How about you? Also, if you do have previa... how are you dealing with that? How about movement? 

Re: Anterior Placenta or Placenta Previa

  • if you only want to know about january 19 moms ask in that bmb. I just had my second child in June and both my pregnancies I had an anterior placenta. I definitely felt movement both times. It just wasn't until I was after 20 weeks
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  • I recently found out I have complete placenta previa and are worried. 
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  • So anterior placenta and placenta previa are two totally different things.  Anterior placenta just means that your placenta implanted on the front of your uterus.  Movements can be a bit stifled and there is a slightly increased chance of baby presenting as sunny side up during delivery but that is usually not a problem.  It causes back labor and can take a lot of pushing - DD1 was anterior placenta and sunny side up; the back labor was horrible and it took 2.5 hours to push her out, but she came out without issue or use of tools.

    Placenta previa is far more serious.  If you have previa at the end if your pregnancy you cannot deliver vaginally and there is a serious risk of issues if you go into labor on your own, so you'd likely be scheduled for a c-section at 37-38 weeks to avoid that happening.  Because in this case the placenta is implanted over the cervix I don't believe movements are as stifled as with anterior placenta.  Previa can resolve itself over the course of the pregnancy, so if you have it during the first or second tri, they will monitor it to determine if it has moved to a safe location before delivery.
  • I have a complete placenta previa and have had no complications. I am on pelvic rest-no sex, no gym, light lifting, rest as much as possible. I have an ultrasound in 1.5 weeks (29) weeks to see if it has moved. If not, they will keep check on me and plan a c section around 36 weeks.
  • Hi l also have an anterior placenta and have just started feeling more movement in the last week now also twenty weeks ...
  • I had an anterior placenta with my first two pregnacies. Now this one it's more towards the top (or it was at 12 weeks). But they told me at 12 weeks with my second that it was anterior and it stayed that way. So hoping it will this time too! I didn't feel anything until 18 weeks with both. Now I'm almost 15 weeks and starting to feel some movement here and there. Excited to see if I feel more this time!
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