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Risks of waiting for miscarriage

Hello, I am having a missed miscarriage (I am not sure this is the correct term since I am aware of it, but the embryo stopped developing at 6 weeks and I would now be 10 weeks). I am opting for a natural miscarriage since it was only 6 weeks along, and the cost of a D&C for me would be $3000 so it does not seem worth the expensive when I can pass it naturally for free.  I went in for a check and the issue is that there is absolutely no change, the embryo is still sitting there as normal looking exactly like it did a month ago, and my HCG levels are still quite high.  So my doctor doesn't see this happening any time soon and recommended a D&C. I am still leaning towards waiting - however, my health is obviously top priority and I don't want to naively risk something if keeping this embryo in there doing nothing and not growing if there is a concern.  Does anyone have any insight into this? From the internet reading, it appears that it is safe to just wait it out-  and my doctor thinks it will likely be another month given the progress.  My doctor was okay with me waiting, but preferred the D&C given the lack of any progress. I just I guess am looking for reassurance/advice that it is safe to wait it out indefinitely like this.   

Re: Risks of waiting for miscarriage

  • I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Has your doctor made any mention of offering misoprostol/cytotec to speed things along?

    That is the route I took when I had my missed m/c because I didn't want a D&C but I didn't want to sit around waiting for my body to get the memo. It was pills that I inserted vaginally to get things started. I won't provide any more details now in case you don't want them, but the meds are generally a 3rd option available.
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  • I'm very sorry about your loss..I miscarried naturally last weeks,at 9 weeks.my doctor never offered me a dnc and since everything passed naturally,I do not need one,because the ultrasound showed everything passed.im not familiar with the medical side as if waiting g to lead to further issues,I would trust the doctor. The advice mentioned above about the pills may be something to look into.my mother miscarried my sister at 7 months and the doctors made her keep the baby until 9 months,and my mother  was not harmed from it,physically, altho the emotional and mental aspect of having to wait it out was extreme. I wish you all the best.
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  • @bbbbcccceeee, first, I am sorry for your lost.  With my first MMC, I was 14 weeks, my doctor gave me the option to wait for a natural, but was pushing for the d&c.  His biggest concerns, beyond emotional ones, was the amount of bleeding.  He also said it could take over a month for my body to catch on and start to miscarry 
    With my more recent MMC, at 8 weeks it looked like the miscarriage was starting naturally, so I waited 2 weeks, and it was emotionally more than I could stand, so I had the d&c.
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