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Thoughts on Eden

What are your thoughts on the name Eden for a girl? Love the name and still trying to get my husband on board, but have recently seen that it is also used as a boy name. I really wanted something feminine since we have 3 boys with strong names- Brendan, Gavin and Collin.

Re: Thoughts on Eden

  • I would assume girl but I have heard it and met a male Eden so I wouldn’t be totally shocked either way. If you want something very feminine I think you should keep looking



  • I like Eden and haven’t heard of many. I’d always assume it was a girl and would think it odd were it a boy.

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  • It’s very feminine to me
  • I’ve never heard of Eden as a boy name, so I would definitely assume female. I like it.
  • Only heard it as a girls name. It’s on my short list but DH is not a fan.
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  • I think Eden is so sweet! 

    Also suggesting Edith :) 

  • Eden is a girl name to me. I don’t see it as an extremely feminine name though. But definitely girl. 
  • I really like it, but also couldn't get DH on board with it! I have never heard it used on a boy.
  • I guess I have heard it on a male, but I just don't even register it as being the same name because he's foreign. (It's a professional soccer player in England, but he is Belgian.) I would assume girl, even having heard of said soccer player.
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  • I love it. Definitely feminine to me.
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