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Calling all fur baby parents! Show me your furry friends. Can be anything, even fish are a thing. Would love to see any guinea pigs out there, they are the cutest!

*edited because a word was forgotten and my photo didnt upload*


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    @holly321 I want a bunny sooooo bad! But DH is like no way. (We have a small house). Do you like having a bunny? Are they a lot of work? 
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    @holly321 she sounds so sweet! Does she have a name? We have a fenced yard that is a rabbits dream! But we live in Wisconsin where it is really cold most of the year. Her little personality sounds super entertaining! I am going to keep on working on DH to see if we can get one. 
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    Her name is Swimmer.   TW ... DD named her when she was 4.  Actually her real name is DDs first and middle name Swimmer.   No idea why. Lol, she is really sweet and gentle with the kids.  I am the only one that she ever scratches, and I think it is because I am the "bad guy" by putting her up.  End tw

    Rabbits can actually thrive with cold weather, so I would not let that be too discouraging, certain varieties are better than others 
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    So many sweeties.  
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    Love them all! Thank you everyone for sharing!!!
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