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Which boy name?

Both have great meanings, I’m just a little worried about the popularity of Liam though I’ve never met one.

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Re: Which boy name?

  • So over Liam

  • Leon is very refreshing
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  • Normally I don't mind too much if something is popular but...Liam is SO popular and Leon is way more refreshing.

  • There are none where I live. I’ve never met one or heard of one.
  • There are none where I live. I’ve never met one or heard of one.
    I feel like this is a common statement in regards to name popularity. And when you actually name the child and go to doctors offices and schools and sports and realize wow it is popular. Just like cars, say you buy a blue sedan because you never see them. Once you buy it you suddenly are more aware and then realize they are everywhere. 

    For liam in my immediate daily life I know one. But then add in my kids sports teams and their classes and daycares, Liam’s are everywhere.

  • I agree that Liam is far more popular than Leon.  I also personally don't care for Liam as a full name since it was originally intended to be a nickname for William.  I would do Leon.
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  • Im Liam-ed out although Liam is more my style than Leon.

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  • Definitely Leon! Agree that it is refreshing. 
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