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Claire Charlotte?

I thought we were set on a girl's name (Anna) but last night DH said he really likes Claire. 
What do you think of Claire Charlotte? 

Re: Claire Charlotte?

  • Personally, I think Charlotte Claire flows a little better. I love both names!
  • I agree Charlotte Claire flows better but if you prefer Claire as the first name I think that over time you find that flow doesn’t matter much.  First name is the one you’ll be using and hearing all the time so make it something you both love.
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  • Agree It flows better switched but I much prefer Claire as a first name and it’s still a great choice as is!

  • I prefer Anna Charlotte, but Claire is nice too. I just hear Claire more than Anna for little girls.
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  • I like Anna Charlotte much bette than Claire Charlotte. But Claire is so cute! If you want to use it, find a different mn:

    Claire Rosalie
    Claire Amelie
    Claire Evelyn
    Claire Diana
    Claire Frances
    Claire Elizabeth
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