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WTO Friday 8/24

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW and be in a spoiler, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






Re: WTO Friday 8/24

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    Month/Cycle: 10 (6 benched)

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: PNV, CoQ10, BBT, OPKs, PS, drinking more water

    R/R: my OPKs still look fairly dark. Not positive. So I am definitely curious to see what it looks like a few days before O. Assuming I O this cycle. I am fairly sure I probably didn’t last cycle. Also, I think AF is gone. About damn time. 

    CS/Q: Kindara thinks my fertile window starts tomorrow. I doubt it. And I hope not because DH is in a wedding and out of town the next two nights. I am only going to the reception and not staying overnight. He is staying at his parents after the reception. And there is no way I am HIO at the in-laws. 

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    Month/Cycle: 8/9

    CD: 15

    WAYDTGKU: HIO, temping ,OPKs  fertility tea 

    R/R: I'm pretty sure now that the tea pushed my O day back. Now I'm not sure when to expect my fw and it's going throw all of my apps off. 


    Temps are still erratic. 

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    @meatballs37 Hopefully O can hold off until YH is home. Do you normally O this early?

    Month/Cycle: 14/15

    CD: 12

    WAYDTGKU: IUI w/ clomid, trigger, and progesterone. Ultrasound tomorrow

    R/R: THIS:
    Image result for tgif gif
    And also, I'm getting excited for my ultrasound tomorrow so we can better know when stuff is going to happen.

    CS/Q: nope
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    marebear15marebear15 member
    edited August 2018
    @meatballs37 - Are you doing OPKs every day this cycle until O? Just for an experiment? Also *TW PG
    I got KU with my DD at my parents house  :D

    @asupernovablizzardstorm - Were you trying to lengthen your FP with the tea? Hopefully you get O soon.

    @thegirlwhowaited_ Holding my breath with you!

    Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD: 17

    WAYDTGKU: Prenatals, CM, BBT, OPKs, N&C

    R/R: I work on a college campus and it's going to start back up next week. I feel like with all these fit, fashionable college girls around, I have to step up my game. Going to see if I can get into a regular workout routine and reorganize my closet to find my clothes that are "in."

    CS/Q: FF is still predicting CD19 as my O day. We shall see.
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    CS/Q: Kindara thinks my fertile window starts tomorrow. I doubt it. And I hope not because DH is in a wedding and out of town the next two nights. I am only going to the reception and not staying overnight. He is staying at his parents after the reception. And there is no way I am HIO at the in-laws. 

    I say a little bathroom quickie never hurt anyone ;) 
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    Month/Cycle: 4/3

    CD: 4


    R/R: I don't want to start temping again. I was enjoying sleeping in until 6 instead of making myself wake up at 5:45 every morning. 

    CS/Q: Not a thing to show. 
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    Month/Cycle:  TBD

    CD:  idk... my chart says 358 haha

    WAYDTGKU: just temping and PNV 

    R/R: I’m working on finding a new doctor in the area that we’re moving to next month. I seriously hate changing doctors but I’m happy that I’m not changing mid-fertility treatments like a couple years ago!
    also, I hate bumping on mobile. It’s exhausting!

    CS/Q: No questions, just adding a specific complaint that I started using Kindara when i started temping again in May and I regret it. I’m so used to FF that I think I just need to switch back. 

    @thegirl@thegirlwhowaited_ good luck with the ultrasound! I was always so sweaty nervous going into the ultrasound checks haha

    @asupernovablizzardstorm  is the tea called fertility tea or is there a certain type of tea that it is? I’m looking for a good tea to enjoy to help cut back on my coffee consumption 
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    *lurking* @marebear15 same here! only my college students are still in the booty shorts and crop tops with 90s sunglasses, so I'm not going THAT far with trendiness haha 

    married 11.1.14

    ttc #1 since 5.18

    bfp 12.22.18 letrozole + progesterone

    d&e due to trisomy 13/hydrops at 15wks

    bfp 7.21.19 letrozole + IUI 

    little girl A born 3.26.20

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    @marebear15 I feel like I've been seeing a lot of young college kids in town now that school is starting. I'm right there with you on exercising and organizing my closet.

    @klmcguire I love my sleep too and I hate waking up early to temp.

    @mokay19 Thanks! I'm a little more excited this time around. I have an expectation of what will be seen at least since we were just there yesterday.
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    @marebear15 and @chichiphin Me too! Although my coworkers tell me I look young enough that I fit in with most of them. The fashion on the other hand, no way. I don't understand how they feel comfortable in most of their outfits. They always look so cute tho. They make it look effortless. 
    *TW* TTC history
    Me:32 DH:31
    Married: 8/2015

    TTC #1: 4/2017
    Testing: HSG, U/S, BW, and DH's SA all normal
    DX: Unexplained
    8/2018: Clomid + TI = BFN
    9/2018: Clomid + TI + Progesterone = BFN
    11/2018: Clomid + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    12/2018: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone \\ Cancelled due to cyst
    1/2019: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFP! \\ EDD Sept 30th, 2019
    10/7/2019: Healthy baby boy!

    TTC #2: 12/2020
    2/2021: Letrozole + TI = BFN
    3/2021: Letrozole + TI = BFN
    4/2021: Surprise! Natural BFP! \\ EDD Jan 6th, 2022 \\ Chemical, betas not rising
    8/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    9/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    10/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    11/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFP! \\ EDD July 29th, 2022

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    @LJMoon6 @marebear15 yay fellow higher ed friends! I'm tempted to ask what conference your schools are in... lol 

    married 11.1.14

    ttc #1 since 5.18

    bfp 12.22.18 letrozole + progesterone

    d&e due to trisomy 13/hydrops at 15wks

    bfp 7.21.19 letrozole + IUI 

    little girl A born 3.26.20

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    @thegirlwhowaited_  I didn’t O until probably around cycle day 17/18 two cycles ago. And I haven’t tracked since January with BBT. But my cycles have been longer, around 31 days. I excluded a few of my wonky charts. So I’m wondering if that’s why it thinks it is so soon. 

    @marebear15 I did them the tail end of my cycle last month because I had no idea where I was at
    Because of my MC. They were all dark which had me wondering what the heck. So I have kept it going out if curiousity. They are still dark. So who knows. I’ve taken a few HCG ones and it’s negative. And my temps appear low like they would at the start of the cycle. I’m just guessing my body is messed up. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a few cycles for it to figure it what it’s doing. 

    Also, let me know which clothes are “in” lol. I have no idea how to dress anymore these days. I basically live in leggings and stretchy clothes. 

    @klmcguire lol lol.  
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    hemlheml member
    @thegirlwhowaited_ Hope the ultrasound goes well! I have that same Friday feeling. 

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 6

    WAYDTGKU: Will start OPKs on CD 11 since I’ve geen ovulating around CD 15. BBT, apps

    R/R: Looking forward to a fun weekend getaway! 

    CS/Q: TCOYF mentioned allergy meds/antihistamines as being an issue while TTC. I’ve been contemplating stopping my daily Zyrtec because I’m worried it is/will affect CM production. Anyone else stop taking allergy meds or thinking about it? 
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    @klmcguire - Could you just temp at 6am? I hate getting up early to temp, so I didn't during vacation two months ago, lol.

    @chichiphin and @LJMoon6 - Thankfully the girls here dress professionally, but very on point. I'm just trying to keep up with the fads like striped shirts, olive green army jackets, booties, extra long necklaces, and I've noticed that statement necklaces and the color coral feels dated. 
    Also, I don't teach, but I work for the college in their textbook department.

    @meatball37 - Adding to the above mentioned, cold shoulder flowey tops are definitely in, blanket scarves in the winter, can't go wrong with stripes or plaid in the fall, floral is on the rise. But of course you could always do the athleisure look!

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    @meatballs37 fx your FW peak isn't this weekend. Hoping you can sync up with your time back home.

    @thegirlwhowaited_ all the best with your ultrasound! I hope it brings you some answers.

    @marebear15 I feel you. We used to live on the West Coast near a campus. I've never felt so out of style. I've also never been so embarrassed as trying to take an exercise class with all these girls in there.

    @mokay19 good luck on your search! I'm glad it's at a better time for you, though.

    Month/Cycle: 3/3 (+1 benched)

    CD: 19


    R/R: Trying out Headspace for anxiety. Not too bad for sleep. But I'll start to drift and then the guide will talk and I freak out, drift off, repeat. 

    Couldn't be more happy for the weekend.

    CS/Q: After how long would you have DH checked? I know I'm early, but he cycles and we're both unsure about the mobility.

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    edited August 2018
    @meatballs37 hooray for AF being gone!  I am with you on the leggings/yoga pants.  I live in them on weekends and during the summer.  I am soooo not looking forward to putting on "real pants" when school starts again in two weeks. I'll probably wear dresses as long as I can just to avoid having to wear them.
    @thegirlwhowaited_ sending you all the positive thoughts for your ultrasound tomorrow!  Make sure you update us!
    @marebear15 sounds like the "in" clothing has definitely changed since I was in college.  I remember a lot of bootcut jeans, fleece vests, and bandanas in the hair when I was a freshman. Then long jean skirts with knee-high boots were in for a while.  A lot of kids went to class in hoodies and their pajama bottoms too. 
    @helm enjoy your weekend getaway!

    *Edit: grammar*
    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 15

    WAYDTGKU: Prenatal vitamins, red raspberry leaf tea, OPKs, Fertility Friend, cutting back on alcohol  and trying to eat cleaner (going out to dinner with DH's parents last night did not help that one).  Oh yeah, and HIO.

    R/R: I'm starting to get excited about the new school year and I have a plan for a really cute way to decorate my classroom door. I do a different theme every year.  Last year was Disney, I had a quote from Walt and mouseketeer ears with my students' names on them.  This year I have a superhero theme and I think my class will love it. 

    CS/Q: OPK from last night looked a *tiny* bit darker, and I definitely have that "mid-cycle" feeling (increased CM, a little bloating, etc.), if that makes sense.  Haven't tested with an OPK yet today.  According to Fertility Friend, my FW is next week...right when DH and I will be exhausted from all the back to school prep.  I really hope we can rally!
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    Im dumb. Btw. Im on WTO instead of TWW. One of those brain dead days. TGIF 
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    @marebear15 5:45 is about the only consistent time in my house that gets me non-mountain temps.
    *TW Kids
    Between the kids/dogs/cats anything after around 5:50 is pretty much all over the place.
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    @thegirlwhowaited_ good luck with your u/s!
    @marebear15 oo so curious what the kids are wearing these days

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 4

    WAYDTGKU: PNV, tracking (but no BBT), WFAF 


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    @marebear15 But what I really want to know is, do your parents know about it? ;):D 
    People think we become mothers when we give birth but the truth is we become mothers the moment we start calling our babies to us in our thoughts, dreams and prayers. Some paths are short and some are so long that you can easily forget where you were headed.

    How I feel all of the time.
    My 7 Year Journey ***Tw in spoiler***
    IVF #1 - September 2018; Follistim, Menopur, Cetrotide & Lupron/HCG combo trigger; PGS; ICSI
    Back on Levothyroxine
    FET #1 - October 2018; cancelled, all PGS aneuploid
    FET #1 - November 30th, transferred anyway
    Wondfo BFP 5dp5dt, CB Digi 6dpt, 
    1st Beta on 7dpt 93
    2nd Beta on 10dpt 510!

    TTC #1 since 2011. Tried for 5 years before we knew there was a one year rule.
    Diag w/MS 2016; w/PCOS & IF 2017
    New RE 2018; PCOS diagnosis taken away, IF due to ovary adhesions, but prev. RE insists PCOS IF

    IUI #1 July 2017 w/100mg Clo+trigger; BFN; benched w/big cysts
    IUI #2 October 2017 w/50mg Clo+trigger; BFN; benched w/big cysts
    IUI #3 February 2018 w/5mg Femara+trigger; low P
    BFP February; mc March; Subclinical hypothyroid started Levothyroxine 
    IUI #4 March 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Medicated cycle & TI April 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Tried several cycles on our own; all BFN
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    @marebear15 I was not. Just hoping for an extra boost in my chances.
    @mokay19 yes it's called fertility tea by pink stork. There's no caffeine in it tho.

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    @suzycupcake - My mom can calculate, so yep, pretty sure she knows. And my older sister who was in the house at the time too.  :p
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