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Flutters - 8w4d pregnant

Hi all! I have had a very crampy pregnancy with all sorts of pulls, dull aches (for the most part) and general soreness in my entire abdomen. As of this morning, though, I have been having flutterings in my lower right abdomen throughout the day.  Everything I’ve read says it’s likely my uterus growing and/or gas. Anyone else had these flutters so early on in their pregnancy?

Re: Flutters - 8w4d pregnant

  • As a STM gas pains and baby kicks feel very similar. At 8wks it’s probably gas because baby is so small.
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    Agreed. I felt very similar sensations with both my pregnancies and it was always gas until about 15-16 weeks. Right now baby is so small and your uterus is still tucked way into your pelvis, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re feeling anything other than gas
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