1st Trimester

Weird pregnancy symptoms!!!!!

What are your weird pregnancy symptoms? I went from hot flashing to freezing cold since preggers, spotting, and my teeth hurt!

Re: Weird pregnancy symptoms!!!!!

  • Headache for the last month, every single day. bloat and unexplained anger haha 
  • Not weird but my lower back pain makes me feel 7 months pregnant, not 4.5 weeks!
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  • I had cramping and spotting for almost 2 weeks which totally freaked me out, but come to find out that was a normal symptom (it has now stopped). My skin has also become VERY sensitive. Lotions and soaps have given me rashes and hives. A warm lavender bath made the skin sensitivies subside for a little bit 😊 
  • colostrum at 5 weeks pregnant!
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