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Morning Sickness - Worse 2nd time around?

Hi everyone,
I'm not sure where else to turn, and I just need to talk with others going through this, too.  I'm about 8 1/2 weeks along with my second child, and I'm experiencing terrible...terrible nausea this time around. I remember some mild nausea with my son, but this is out of control. There were a few weeks of annoying, constant nausea and exhaustion, but for the most part I was functional.  The last week, I have leaned on my husband 100%. He's so supportive, but I feel so lazy, useless, and honestly pretty depressed.  I'm only interested in being in bed - I have no interest to read, or even watch TV at this point anymore - nothing sounds fun, nothing seems worth looking forward to.  My nausea is all. the. time.  and I'm desperate to have relief. I never vomited with my son, but I already have today twice.  It's hard to have interest in eating, let alone actually eat, and even water seems disgusting to me.

I'm sorry for anyone else going through this, but any tips or just pep talks? I know the whole "it will likely resolve itself by the end of the first trimester", but this is so much worse than my first pregnancy that I'm having pretty high anxiety that I'll be one of the unlucky ones who has it the whole pregnancy.  I'm a teacher and starting school next week, I have a toddler.....I CANNOT do this for months and months.  I don't think I have the HG condition - but where's the line between "normal" and "you should probably talk to your midwife"?  This is absolutely affecting my life and preventing me from being functional, especially this past week.

Also, when did anyone else's morning sickness/all day feel awfulness peak?  I've read 9 weeks a few places, and I'm in the 9th week; that's the only glimmer of hope I have found, that maybe I'm in the worst of it now. 

Re: Morning Sickness - Worse 2nd time around?

  • Mine is not as bad with my second pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. 

    If it's truly that bad, yes, you should talk to your provider. 
  • Mine was significantly worse with my second. I talked to my provider and got a prescription to help me feel human again as I felt like I was letting DS down and never wanting to do things with him.
    Talk to your PCP and find what works for you! 
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    My second pregnancy was so much harder than my first in terms of nausea. Call your doc about meds. Ginger and B6 can help

    eta: my nausea lasted well into the 2nd tri with the second pregnancy. 
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  • My second pregnancy was worse than my first as well. If it’s affected your quality of life definitely talk to your OB/MW. 
    You could also try unison and B6, that helps a lot of women 
  • PG with my third and so far my first was the worst. Talk to your provider and see what your options are! Hang in there, mama!

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  • This is my 4th, but it was by far the worst with my second. Definitely talk to your midwife. Hang in there.
  • You can buy preggo drops to make nausea go away or suck on sour candy. Sour candy worked for me cuz preggo drops r only in USA n we do not have it here.
  • My nausea was way worse with my second. We will see what the 3rd one brings (I'm currently 5 weeks). Last time my doctor prescribed Reglan but I didn't take it. I did try B6 and Unisom together and it seemed to help a little.
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