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Gender Reveal Ideas. Please help

So my fiance and I have our appointment for the anatomy scan on the 20th. We're wanting to do a small dinner thing with our immediate families at a restaurant, but we also want to do a Facebook live video for the reveal so everyone can find out together. I love the balloon boxes and the popping balloons with confetti inside reveals, but I don't know how to make one of those work with what we're trying to do. Any ideas?

Re: Gender Reveal Ideas. Please help

  • Balloons and confetti sound loud, messy, and disruptive for a restaurant. Maybe see if you can bring a cake or have someone buy a boy/girl outfit and wrap it for you to open.
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  • I despise this type of stuff: you do realize that you won't know the gender of the baby until its older....... gender =/=sex of the human being.  

    Your ideas are way over the top for a restaurant.  I agree with PP,have so min dobe get a blue or pink onesie wrap it and do it that way.  Or at the anatomy scan ask them to write down the sex of the baby out it in an envelope and open it at dinner.  That is IF baby even cooperates. 
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  • #1 it's a sex reveal, not a gender reveal

    #2 the Facebook live event with balloons and confetti is way over the top

    Love PP suggestions of opening a simple box with onesie or an envelope with the words.

  • I’m curious what you ended up doing :)
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  • @camsbabymama19 I hope you ended up doing whatever it is that you wanted.
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