2nd Trimester

20 week scan, babies neck looks abnormally large.

Does it look normal? 

Re: 20 week scan, babies neck looks abnormally large.

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    What did the ultrasound tech say?
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    Babies always look weird in u/s. If the U/S tech & dr weren't concerned about the measurements then don't stress, they are all smushed in there so they are going to look disproportionate. 
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    Cduperon said:
    Does it look normal? 
    If there was a worry, the ultrasound tech would have either gotten a doctor to talk to you or will be on report findings and your doctor will talk to you at your next appointment.

    Nothing looks "normal" on an ultrasound.  Would you look normal if you were smushed into a tight area? Nope! 
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