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Family upset by pregnancy

So I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm due just a couple weeks before my family is scheduled to take a big family vacation to the beach. I told my mom and sister that I might be pregnant and wouldn't be going on the trip, and they both blew up at me. Even though we would still pay our share of the trip costs, they basically told me I've ruined everything, that I'm selfish and only think about myself. I get that it's an inopportune time to get pregnant (we got pregnant with our first on the first try so we figured we probably wouldn't get pregnant with the second on the first try but we did) but I feel like they're blowing it really out of proportion. I'm actually really close to my mom and sister and so it's really stressing me out that they're so angry. My mom is even making me have a family meeting to tell everyone going on the trip that I've ruined it for everyone by getting pregnant, and I had planned to keep the news to myself until the second trimester but she says I have to tell everyone how I ruined it for them. I don't even know what to do at this point. I don't see why they can't just go on the trip without me and my husband, especially if we're still paying our share of the costs. I guess I don't really have a question but just needed to vent a bit... this is supposed to be a happy time but I'm just angry and stressed

Re: Family upset by pregnancy

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  • Hey, what everyone else in here has said! Ironically, my due date might be also ruining the plan for the family beach vacation, but I didn't get that totally uncalled for response, and you shouldn't have either. 

    Is there really no way for them to either go on vacay a couple months earlier or later? That's the compromise I'm going to try with my family.
  • I’m so sorry you are going through that! We have a big cruise coming up in 2020 and I just found out I’m pregnant. My baby won’t be old enough to go on the cruise. My husband is very disappointed. It’s all he keeps talking about. He’s happy and excited for the baby- but can’t stop talking about the cruise and the vacation we just booked for August! I told him that he can go with our youngest and the rest of the family! It’s such a let down when you are excited about something so amazing and people are bummed because of a vacation! I totally get it! It’s your business to tell- so if you aren’t ready, then you shouldn’t say anything! I honestly would make a big deal out of it to your sister and mom. Let them know how upset you are. 
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