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Co-ed Baby Shower?

Just curious of what everyone's thoughts are these days on a co-ed baby shower.   Assuming the dad is interested in attending.

Re: Co-ed Baby Shower?

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    IMO even if the dad is interested, most of his friends would rather not spend their day at a baby shower. If the dad really wants to celebrate at the baby shower I think the host should either keep it super casual like a barbeque and minimal/no shower games. Another option is to plan for the dad to make an appearance at the shower, perhaps for dessert and presents.
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    I would much prefer - I know my husband absolutely wants to be at ours and would like it to be co-ed.  I've been invited to a few and they've been fun.  You eat, you talk, you hang out, they open presents - done.  I think games are dumb at female only showers too so definitely wouldn't do any.
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    I think they're great, but you have to consider the crowd in question. We will absolutely have a co-ed baby shower, I couldn't keep my fiance away if I wanted to and since we live in his hometown, there would be far more people interested because of him than me. Plus most of his friends are women anyway, haha. On the other hand, I threw a baby shower for my sister back in our small rural hometown and the guys acted embarrassed to be there, sat in the corner playing poker the whole time, and mocked the father-to-be when he was asked to participate. Most people are more evolved than that of course, his friends were jack-asses...
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    Honestly I think it really depends on your friends/family.  We typically do a ladies only brunch type of shower, and I chalk that up to having a fairly traditional, southern family. However, I do live in South Florida and it’s quite common for showers to be co-ed, late in the evening affairs with lots of alcohol and dancing.  I think it’s just a matter of knowing your audience. 
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    Thrown two co-ed showers, throwing another in November for friends. My own was ladies first, then guys joined for a BBQ after. I honestly enjoy the co-ed more, but DH didn't want to attend the whole present-opening shenanigans because he's a super introvert and he could 'hide' better during the BBQ. It does depend on the mom and dad more than anything else, and the type of party being thrown.
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    I think this is more of a “know your audience” situation.  If it’s something that would be the norm in your social circle, then go for it.  If not, then maybe stick with a traditional shower.

    I also will say that this decision should be left to the host.  Having a co-ed shower means double the guest list and increased costs and since the host pays, it’s really up to them.  But if the hosts if offering, see what works for you, your friends, and family. 

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    meggyme said:
    IMO even if the dad is interested, most of his friends would rather not spend their day at a baby shower.
    most women I know wouldn't want to spend their day at a traditional baby shower. 

    if a baby shower was celebrated in the same, casual fashion as other events, I think they'd be more enjoyable regardless of your gender. 
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