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Morning Sickness and Gender

Hello! I am 7 weeks and starting to have morning sickness. Can you all share your past morning sickness experiences and if you ended up having a boy/girl? 

Re: Morning Sickness and Gender

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  • @baby2apr1 it’s annoying, but it actually doesn’t let you delete (one of the reasons we try to keep away from a lot of single question posts). Don’t worry about it, you’ll figure out how it works. In regards to your question,  i’ve read that morning sickness is slightly more common with girls. However, I had hardly any nausea during my last pregnancy with my daughter. Definitely much more nauseous this time round –  Jury’s still out whether we’re having a boy or girl. But really, every pregnancy is so individual that you can’t really tell whether or not your having a boy or a girl until you get the testing done
  • Thank you for your response  :) 
  • I also had almost no nausea/ other symptoms with my DD but am borderline miserable this time. I have also wondered if that means this one will be a boy but everything I read just says every pregnancy is different and not really related to gender. *shrug*
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  • With my son, I had some morning sickness but never any vomiting. Also, compared to what some other women go through, I feel like mine was minimal. 

    This time, I'm slightly more nauseous but it's still minimal. I'm not sure what I'm having yet.
  • I really don't have anything "normal" to compare it to, but I will say when I was pregnant with my twin girls I was so, so very sick. Nothing helped. 

    This time I am team green. I've had afternoon and evening "morning sickness", but so much milder. No actual puking. 

    I've that girls make you more sick than boys, but I don't believe there's any science behind it so I'd take it with a grain of salt. 
  • Extreme morning sickness with my daughter from weeks 9-16...actually ended up in the hospital at one point.

    With my son I maybe threw up 3 times total but was nauseous during the entire first tri. 

    So far I’m just nauseous this time...very curious to find out boy or girl 
  • I have two boys and was a little sick (with vomiting) all day throughout those pregnancies. This one I still don’t know the gender, but am more just nauseated than anything. I’m 10+6 today.
  • First one I had food aversions, nothing ever sounded appealing and I got nauseous at the sight of food. I had to delete any app on my phone that showed pictures of food and couldn’t look at windows when driving by restaurants. I did actually get sick only once maybe twice total but I lost around 10 lbs just because I wasn’t eating much. That lead to my sweet baby boy! 

    This time I can look at food and talk about food no problem but I’ve already lost 4-5 lbs just because I didn’t have an appetite for a few weeks and then I started vomiting in the evenings regularly. I’m so curious if this time is another boy or a girl. 

    It is honestly crazy how very different pregnancies can be! 
  • I was barely sick at all with my daughter. I was very sick with this one until earlier this week (I’m 13w2d today) and I won’t find out the sex until my 20 week scan...
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