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Ultrasound Guided D and C

I have a D and C scheduled on Monday. The doctor says she doesn't do it guided by an ultrasound because I'm only 10 weeks and so it's not indicated. She looks at an ultrasound before and after to make sure they got everything. My last D and C was guided with an ultrasound at 14 weeks and I didn't have any issues. I'm nervous that she's doing it without being guided by an ultrasound. Did anyone else have it guided by an ultrasound at 10 weeks?

Re: Ultrasound Guided D and C

  • I was not told anything about uktrasoultreity my 14 week d&c, and didn't ask . But my second  d&c was at 10 weeks and was ultrasound guided.  I remember they couldn't get me in with my obgyn because the ultrasound machine was not available early in the day and I had to have another obgyn do my d&c. 
    I had to have a 2nd d&c for that loss, and I was not told either way if there was ultrasound guidance.   
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