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Livia or Liviana

nicoleannrnnicoleannrn member
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hello all! We got the L theme going for our kids we have Landon and Levi and now baby number 3 is a girl I’m torn between Livia and Liviana (Livi-on-a) .. thoughts!?! Thanks for the help! 

Re: Livia or Liviana

  • catmommaccatmommac member
    edited August 2018
    Livia sounds like a nn for Olivia. Never heard of Liviana and it sounds made up. Liviana Ann looks too similar and sounds odd. You could just name her Olivia and call her Via.
  • I like Livia far better! It is also an ancient Roman name too which is pretty badass.
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  • To me Livia does seem a bit like you just dropped the "O" off Olivia, but it does flow better with the middle name Ann.
  • Livia Ann sounds better, but is super matchy with Levi.
  • I like Livia better. It looks and sounds better with the middle name Ann. Good luck!
  • What about Lily? I agree that both of those sound like you forgot the O at the beginning.
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  • meggyme said:
    What about Lily? I agree that both of those sound like you forgot the O at the beginning.
    I agree with this!
  • I was already going to suggest Lily Ann or Lillian and people beat me to it! It's a tough transition from an -a ending to an A beginning (Livia Ann). 
  • Love Livia 

  • Of the two, Livia but I agree it would be mistaken for Olivia.  If you want to call her Via how about Viola (skip the L theme)?
  • Livia but also think Lilly would be better. 
  • What about just Liv? Or Skip the L theme and go with Olivia nn Livia? 
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