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Baby girl has irregular heart rhythm

I'm 21w 4d with my 2nd. I just had a check up with my doctor today for shortness of breath and upper right quadrant abdominal pain (both symptoms of preeclampsia) I am fine of that front, but when my Dr. Took a listen with the doppler babys heart rate sounded different than it should have. We went to the ultrasound room and her heart is beating slowly and is showing pauses. She is very active and I can feel her move all the time. My doctor is sending me to a specialist and wants me to take it easy for a bit. I'm not sure how to do that, to be honest. I have a 3 year old who is very active and is always wanting mommy to play with him. Dealing with the nerves from the irregular heart rhythm and trying to be careful as not to put too much strain on my body is hard enough, but I'm worried about shutting my son out in the process. Does anyone have any tips on how to still be "active" while taking it easy? 
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