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BF questions for BTBD moms.

so I’ve already booked to see a lactation consultant, but in the meantime I’m struggling. 
The consultant at the Birth center was... less than helpful, and well; I just need a little advice before Wednesday. 
I enitially didn’t expect to be able to BF, due to having so much swelling that my milk didn’t come in until this week (my little girl was born July 6th) though I didn’t really expect to be able to, especially as we neared her third week of life and still barley any milk (I pumped and had lactation cookies every 2 hours for those 2 weeks, giving her the once or so of colostrum and generally anything that came out) and to say t was a marvelous feeling when I woke up with two round soaking wet boob prints on my bed and two coconuts on my chest last Tuesday is an understatement. I’ve never been so happy to be so sore and, we tried breast feeding, which she latched (we had been trying for a couple days to latch her and she had t down, she just got real angry when nothing substantial came out) and once again; marvelous. But my biggest burning wuestions are;
how do you bf and do anything other than sit and watch baby? I feel so anxious when I’m feeding and I’m afraid that if I move around I’ll suffocate her or something. 
How did you go about bf in public? I’m very modest and shy and I don’t know if I’ll ever be there. Right now we are doing bottles in public and breast at home (both breast milk unless I don’t have enough) 
did you have one boob that just produced much more? My right side is extremely productive (it’s been like 40 minutes of baby steady eating and it hasn’t run dry) yet the other side barley anything comes out (also true with a pump vs how long baby is eating. ) 

idk I just have questions and figured this would be the place to go, probably. 

Re: BF questions for BTBD moms.

  • Welcome to the board!

    I usually read a book or something on my phone while I nurse. Sometimes I watch a show or movie with headphones in. You won't suffocate her, trust me! My daughter would move if her nose was pressed in too much. You'll get used to it!

    In public, I use a nursing cover like this, except I made my own, so it's much much wider, which I love.
    The downside to this style is it doesn't cover your back. I don't always wear nursing friendly styles, so my shirt is usually pulled up meaning part of my back is exposed. For me, I just sit with my back against a wall or the back of a couch or whatever. Or I wear a jacket. 

    There are also nursing covers like this, which go completely around you. 
    I haven't used this style at all. 

    Yes, sometimes my supply fluctuated on different sides. I tried to help it balance out by nursing more on the smaller side and always starting first on that side. 
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