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Lillian/ Liliana are at the top of our name
list. We have a long 4 syllable Italian last name that starts with a V so looking for something one syllable or super simple for middle name. Open to all suggestions!! 

Re: Middle Name Help

  • Lillian Claire
    Lillian Irene 
    Lillian Rose
    Lillian Diane
    Lillian Jade
    Lillian Jane
    Lillian Kay

  • bawagsbawags
    Seventh Anniversary 100 Comments Photogenic 5 Love Its
    Liliana Faye
    Liliana Maeve
    Liliana Anne
    Liliana Paige
    Liliana Kay/Kaye
    Liliana June

    Lillian Elise
    Lillian Isla
    Lillian Iris
    Lillian Kate/Cate
  • mb0112mb0112
    1000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    Lillian Mae
    Lillian June
    Lillian Joy
    Lillian Jane
    Lillian Joyce
    Lillian Faye
    Lillian Ruth
    Lillian Cate
    Lillian Renee
    Lillian Elise
  • Liliana Rose
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