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Placenta Previa

Has anyone been diagnosed with placenta previa? I was just diagnosed with marginal placenta previa following my 20-week scan. I know the odds are in my favor of the placenta repositioning as the uterus continues to grow, but I'm still a little nervous about this diagnosis. Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? 

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    Hi @bumpitup I just found out I don’t have a partial previa this time but I did have it in my first pregnancy. It was diagnosed at 20 weeks but resolved itself without any issues by 32 weeks. As I understand it, that’s the overwhelming outcome for most people with a partial/marginal case. 

    Try not to worry too much until there’s reason to worry. 20 weeks is still early and the placenta moves around during that second half. Good luck! 
  • I was told I had an anterior placenta with the risk of a placenta previa, but there is so much movement from now until you deliver that I wouldn't worry too much. 

  • I had placenta previa with my 2 older kids, and thankfully the placenta moved each time. I just assumed I would have it this pregnancy, but surprisingly it's where it should be. With my previas, I never had bleeding or bed rest, but sometimes I would get the sensation of something trying to come out, LOL, but nothing ever did! You will get extra ultrasounds to check the location.


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    Thank you all -- this makes me feel a lot better. Hoping things move in the next 6 weeks so I can go kntomy third trimester with one less thing to worry about!!
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