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This can be a check-in, but I also have a question.

I am 21 weeks along now. I feel a little movement here & there but by no means throughout the day or anything. I feel more like twitching, not kicks. Ultrasound showed her active & doppler use usually hears her kicking. I thought maybe I had anterior placenta again (did with my son) making it harder to feel, but I don't. Could it be the weight blocking the movement? I am about 100lbs overweight & a major portion of it was already in my stomach. 

What are you feeling? How much? From when?

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  • Hi. I am 20 weeks 4 days. I have heard that this can happen. As for me Im at least 100lbs overweight and carry a lot of weight in my midsection. This time around I am feeling a lot of kicks and wiggles and have been for a few weeks now. I felt the first little flutter at 13 weeks. With my first I felt flutters at 18 weeks and didn't feel actual kicks until 26 weeks or so .I do remember it taking a really time before anyone could feel the kicks from the outside though .
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    (I’m gonna pop in, since this isn’t (yet?) a true Plus Size check-in)

    Just wanted to say that I’ll be 20 weeks on Wednesday, and I haven’t felt anything either. I began this pregnancy in the upper end of the healthy BMI range, so maybe only 10 lbs of fluff. 

    OB said that I probably don’t have an anterior placenta because LO’s HB is usually found quickly via Doppler - he said that anterior placentas make hearing more difficult. 

    I was told that slim folks often feel babies sooner...but that’s not my luck! It’s disappointing, but I’m trying to be thankful that LO isn’t disrupting my sleep. 

    Oh! And @mommythlegend search on this board for a thread titled Quickening - it’s self explainitory :wink:
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  • Weight doesn't really affect when and how you feel movement, since you feel movement from the inside and not the outside. At least, that's what I have read/heard. Hope that helps. I agree with @echo-charlietango, go check out the Quickening thread!

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    @AdorkablePixie I've actually heard the opposite, that it can make it a little harder to feel. But yes, feeling from the outside will definitely take a lot longer regardless of when you personally can feel baby moving on the inside. 

    @mommythlegend I'm borderline regular/plus size and I didnt feel definite kicks until about 18 weeks (I'll be 20 tomorrow). They're still not all the time, or super strong yet, but they're there every so often. I also thought I might have an anterior placenta like with my son, but A/S yesterday showed I don't. With him I was not overweight, but didn't feel kicks until 22ish weeks because of the placenta. I know for me the extra weight makes it feel like I don't have a baby bump yet, but I've decided to just embrace the weight as Bump since baby is definitely right below my belly button lol. There's just some extra padding over the top of baby lol.
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  • I'm overweight (borderline obese) and have felt little things here and there, but still unsure if it's actually baby or not. 18+1 FTM.  Heartbeat is found easily via doppler so probably not anterior placenta. I have a tiled uterus too, which I thought might be why I wasn't really feeling anything, but doc says it's mostly resolved itself and isn't playing a role in why it's hard to feel. I've also heard it's harder to feel baby internally when you're overweight, but I don't know if that really holds true.  I'm just being patient. If by 22 weeks I'm still not feeling anything, I'll probably start to worry. 
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    @mommythlegend and @GoyaBean913 I'm think I'm probably right around where y'all are and I've been feeling baby since around 15 or 16 weeks.  I really think it just depends on the person!  Baby is super high in my ute and has been since around when I've been feeling kicks and jabs and rolls; like right underneath my belly button.  If baby is lower or facing your back, you may just not feel those! It will come! I don't remember feeling DS1 as early as I've felt this.  I've also recently been feeling some kicks or jabs to my cervix and bladder.  

    One thing I just remembered as I as typing this; when I was wearing jeans or pants that were a little tighter, I could feel baby more.  Weird. 
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