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Benched/TTA w/o 7/23

This thread is for those who have started TTC but are now TTA or Benched. (There is also a TTCAL "sister" thread.) 

***General TW that this thread can and will mention MC and loss.*** This is a place for those of us who have already started TTC, but have hit a roadblock and are delaying for whatever reason. You can express your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations on not TTC and connect with others who are in the same boat. TTC can be a long journey, and having to wait makes it feel even longer -- even if it is for a good reason. I invite you to resurrect this thread at any point in the week if you have something to say. Treat this like an ongoing conversation. 

Benched = involuntarily not NTNP/TTC and "out of the game," usually due to medical reasons 

TTA = avoiding pregnancy by using protection or FAM, usually for non-health-related reasons __________________________________________________________________ 
 Are you benched or TTA? 
What brings you here? 
How long do you think you'll be here? 
How have things been going? 
Any R/R/CS/Q? 
GTKY: What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

Re: Benched/TTA w/o 7/23

  • Are you benched or TTA? Benched
    What brings you here? Back problems and breast biopsy.
    How long do you think you'll be here? Unknown
    How have things been going? Back is feeling off but hasn't gone out in over a week. This shows progress as we were on vacation last week and I did a lot of walking and lifting. 

    Biopsy is scheduled for this Thursday. Sounds like I have to wait one to two weeks for results. 

    Any R/R/CS/Q? Not looking forward to the biopsy as I hate needles and I feel silly asking someone to go with me to hold my hand. Honestly the only person I'd want there is my husband but he just took a week off from work.

    I was really pessimistic about the tumor last week. I counted my blessings about the whole situation and finally found the peace I was looking for about the whole situation. Whatever the outcome, it may not be ideal, but it's going to be okay. 

    GTKY: What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue? Traveling
  • @spacemountianeer Don't feel silly for wanting someone to go with you to your biopsy, procedures cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Do you know about how long it would take? Maybe if it's not too far from YH's work he could meet you there, aim to just be there during the procedure as opposed to all the intake? 

    Me: 37 | DH: 35 
    BFP #1 5/14/17 (EDD 1/24/18) MMC Confirmed 6/13/17
    BFP #2 8/12/17 ended in CP 8/20/17
    BFP #3 10/12/17, EDD 6/27/18, hCG drop and no fetal development at 6w, D&C 11/3/17
    BFP #4 4/21/18, EDD 1/3/19, mc due to Trisomy 22 after HB stopped at 8w 
    Sept 2018 ER - 15R, 10M, 10F, 9 blasts, 5 PGS normal
    Transfer of 1 PGS normal embryo leading to BFP #5, baby boy EDD 8/29/19 

  • @spacemountianeer ; Sorry about your back and your biopsy.  That sounds really scary and I'm sorry that your H can't be there with you for the appointment. {{hugs}}  Feeling like it's going to be okay is huge!

    Are you benched or TTA? Benched
    What brings you here? Zika... H came home from Africa with several mosquito bites. Doc sent the blood test off to the CDC last week and we have another 2 weeks' wait before we know the results.
    How long do you think you'll be here?  Either 2 weeks or 6 months.
    How have things been going? Better and better. I was sad when I realized we could potentially be putting TTC on hold for so long but I suppose it gives me a chance to understand my cycles better.
    Any R/R/CS/Q?  Rave:  I'm going to take a solo road trip tomorrow to the OR coast to meet some friends.  I've been having fun today downloading audiobooks and podcasts to entertain me.  Rant:  I'm now at CD60 with no AF.  I'm positive that it's coming so I just want it to get here already.
    GTKY: What hobby would you get into if time and money weren't an issue?  I love singing and can't really get enough of it so I would probably join or start a band.

  • Are you benched or TTA?  Benched
    What brings you here?  Several health issues and was tta for too much stress.

    How long do you think you'll be here? Hopefully this is my last week.  I should get the mRI results from my back tomorrow, and then I an good to go.  Even worst case scenario, I think I will still be cleared .

    How have things been going?  Good, I am not getting nervous/scared shot ttc again.  I am just trying to find time to get my IUD out, but I guess I don't need to rush, since I am pretty sure I ovulated last week.

    Any R/R/CS/Q? 
    We settled on our house in Friday and have been so busy.  Plus I have physical therapy several times again, so I am exhausted.

    GTKY: What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?
    I will steal my idea from @lindanp, I would love to learn to play the cello.

    @spacemountianeer, I will be thinking of you this week, I hope everything goes well.  Is there someone to go with you besides your DH?

    @lindanp, don't mind my ignorance.  Or you test positive for zika, does it have to run it's course or do you have to take medication?

    Me: 30 DH:32

    DD 3/11  

    MMC 2/12

    DS 1/13

    TTC #3 since 2/17.  Malignant molar missed miscarriage 8/22/17

  • Thanks ladies! I am feeling more comfortable about the procedure tomorrow and won't be asking my husband to join me. 
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