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Happy Birthday!!

I cannot believe that we are already one year out. I would love to see updates from anyone that still drops by! 

Re: Happy Birthday!!

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    I still check every now and again to see if others have posted, and I'm bursting to share the previews we just got of Elliot's first birthday photos yesterday!  E will be one on July 28th.  We made it almost 11 months breast feeding, he has 8 teeth, is a carb fiend like his mama, is sooo close to walking, says 'uh oh', 'mama', 'dada', and his first and favorite word 'ball'.  Hope everyone else is doing great!!
  • I still stop by occasionally just in case people are still around. This year has flown by! Jameson turned 1 on July 12. He had 6 teeth, is walking while holding onto everything...but hasn’t let go yet. Is completely off of bottles and loves food! He loves splashing in water. We celebrated his 1st birthday on vacation in Myrtle Beach! 
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