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Weekly Appointments • w/o 7.22

New week! Who’s seeing or hearing their LOs?
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Re: Weekly Appointments • w/o 7.22

  • Good luck everyone with appointments this week. I'm I'm a lull until AS Aug 6th. Such a long wait for me!  But can't wait to hear how everyone else's appointments go. Hopefully good news all around :)
  • @ab_canada I’m glad you’ll be getting a lot of answers about your little one! Good luck!
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  • morgantumorgantu member
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    @ab_canada good luck with all those appointments tomorrow, hope you get some answers that let you plan for when baby is on this side. If you wouldn't mind, will you come back and especially report on your echo? I have one in a few weeks and no idea what to expect. Someone else does too... I wanna say @prudence9-2? Tia! 
  • @rosebud332, @Activebaby, @morgantu
    Thanks, ladies! And @morgantu, I will for sure post an update about the echo!

  • CecilB93CecilB93 member
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    @deutschmama thanks :) my son is actually still in denial himself, I think he REALLY wanted a sister. We told our parents by taking a video of him saying baby brother, but it took 10 tries because he kept saying sister!!

    @binxybaby pretty much!! He was not ashamed of that part lol
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  • clbnessclbness member
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    @hkom I'm sorry you are having issues with your cervix.  Hopefully the pessary does its job and you can avoid the cerclage!

    AFM, I get to live vicariously through all of you...my A/S is on 8/7 because my doc is on vacation the week before when I would have normally scheduled.  Boooo.
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  • Good luck to everyone who has appointments this week!! I have a regular OB appointment next Monday and then our anatomy scan on 8/1. 

    @hkom I never heard of them using one of those to help with the cervix but it sounds like a great idea to try and avoid a cerclage!

    @ab_canada ; good luck at all of your appointments tomorrow!
  • hkomhkom member
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    @gingersnap-mama ; Yeah I had never heard of it before, but I looked it up when I got home and it's definitely a thing!  If I remember correctly, he said they had only been using them for this purpose for maybe 7 years?  So it's fairly recent.  I appreciate that he wanted to try it instead of going all the way with the cerclage.  Hopefully it holds up. 

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  • @hkom Holy cow, I'm sorry you're on pelvic rest for the entire rest of pregnancy! I really hope the ring works and they don't have to do a cerclage! Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way!
  • texas_ttexas_t member
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    @hkom I'm so sorry! I can imagine that would have been painful. Now that it's there, can you feel it? Is it uncomfortable? Prayers that it does it's job and you don't have to take further action.
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  • @hkom Ugh! That sounds awful! I hope everything works out and baby stays happy and healthy in there!
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  • katy0990katy0990 member
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    @hkom Prayers it does its job. I’m sorry you have to go through all of this, though.

  • @hkom bummer about the pelvic rest. Hoping along with everyone else that the pessary and progesterone do their job and no further interventions are needed.  Think happy thoughts!  Rest up and take this time to get pampered and spoiled ;)

    @ab_canada glad you can get your questions answered and put your mind at ease a bit. 

  • KatzaliaKatzalia member
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    @hkom I’m glad to hear baby is looking great, and hopefully the pessary does the trick. Sorry about the pelvic rest and all the extra atress. 

    @ab_canada I’m glad you get to talk about all the questions you have so you can plan ahead. Good luck with your visits tomorrow!

    Excited for all you ladies doing your A/S this week. Mine is 7/31 so a little longer to wait. I’m planning to bring Poppy along so she can see her little sister. 
  • @ab_canada I didn't realize all that was going on! I've been so out of it the past week or two. I hope your appointments go well.

    @hkom I am sorry you're having cervix issues! I hope the pessary works.

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    @ab_canada Thinking of you at your appointments today!
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  • had an appointment Friday and out little ones heart sounded great at 130 - doctor said her guess based on old wise tales is boy!!! anatomy scan scheduled for August 17th with a reveal planned for August 25!!! it's going to be hard to wait that extra week but it's my goal!!!
  • @khom I'm sorry you're going through all of that trouble! Prayers that this sticks & no further steps are necessary. 
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  • @jesssimbeck dr said today my baby’s heart rate was around 130’s, then sped up a little. I’m having a boy for what it’s worth :smile:
    Also I gained a little weight since my last appointment. I knew I had - I weigh myself almost daily. It’s part of my routine since it’s my Alta2 and it uploads with my Fitbit. I wasn’t concerned, but she mentioned it and said to be aware of how much/quickly I gain. She’s a friend of mine so I know that was probably awkward for her to tell me. I’m basically just over my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m still exercising so for today I’m okay with it. But now I’m self conscious! She’s a super nice doctor. Ugh...weight is such a sensitive subject. 
    I think it’s bothering me because I saw on my last doctor’s records during my last pregnancy they had documented that they counseled me on weight every visit. I know that is part of billing  documentation but I still didn’t like it - I’m pregnant - I’m supposed to gain weight! 
  • KatzaliaKatzalia member
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    @Activebaby I think that is a routine aspect of all prenatal care bc they are supposed to counsel us on weight gain (the right amount/not too much). It’s not just about billing, but standards of care — the stuff they have to address with every pregnant woman. I wouldn't interpret it as being specifically about you or your weight, though I know weight is a super touchy subject and any reference can be triggering.   
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