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Feedback on Girl Names

We are all over the place with girl names and I would love some honest feedback. I know some of these names are considered popular or trendy, but I’m a teacher and have never had anyone with these names in my class since I’ve been teaching for over 10 years. Thanks Ladies!! 






Lily/ Liliana 





Re: Feedback on Girl Names

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    Depending on what grade you teach some of these names haven’t “hit you” yet. I teach high school and know one Lily but can think of 3 acquaintances that had a Lily in the past few years.

    Popularity aside, I like Lily, Keira/Ciara, Adeline, Scarlett and maybe Eden

    The others have a trendier less classy vibe to me but maybe it’s just based on a few I have known as a teacher.

  • It’s likely because even if you teach kindergarten the trendy names haven’t hit you yet. 

    Eden, Lily, Lila, or Scarlett

  • @bbiutmcph are these the ones you like or the ones you find trendy?
  • *elissa* said:
    @bbiutmcph are these the ones you like or the ones you find trendy?
    The ones I would vote yes to use. They are popularbut far less trendy than the rest

  • Eden would get my vote from your list, and it isn't one that's trendy where I live. I know several little Addison/Adelines, Brielle and Ashlyn are trendy and just don't sound very pretty to me. Kyra or Lyla are okay, and I think Lily and Scarlett are more timeless even if they are having a trendy moment. 
  • Eden and Brielle are probably the least popular on your list and two of my favorites. 
  • Love Lila (or Liza?), Adeline (or Adelaide?), Lily (Lillian sounds more polished than Liliana to me)

    I think Scarlett and Eden are alright. 

    You can do MUCH BETTER than Brielle, Shae, Keira, or Ashlyn
  • I really like Eden, Liliana, Scarlett, Lila

    I really dislike Addison (incredibly trendy), Ashlyn, and Brielle

    The rest I feel neutral about. 
  • Eden is probably my favorite. I know one toddler named Lyla, but I don't think Lila is super common these days. I like Addison over Adeline, but pretty much all Addy names are super popular!
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  • Of your list, I prefer Lila or Lily. Definite no to Addison/Adeline/Addie. I don't care for  Brielle, Ashlyn, Scarlett or Eden -- sound a little trashy/stripper-ish to me. Keira and Shea are just very forgettable. 
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