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Nickname possibilities

DH and I are TTC and just starting to discuss names.  We both really like Bridget.  However, I'm definitely a nickname person - I almost always use them.  Not a fan of Biddy/Bitty but just not sure what else it could be?  I know nicknames tend to develop naturally, but I struggle a little with names that have no obvious possibilities.  Thoughts?

Re: Nickname possibilities

  • I know one that goes by Bridge

    Personallt I don’t think it even needs a nickname though 

  • bbiutmcph said:
    I know one that goes by Bridge

    Personallt I don’t think it even needs a nickname though 

    I agree in theory - it's a great name on it's own.  I just know myself and I use nicknames a lot!
  • Brie

    I didn't even think of Brie/Bri/Bree - definitely short and sweet, which is how I would use a nickname. 
  • bawagsbawags
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    I don't think it needs a nick name since it is a relatively short name anyway. I like the nn Birdie though!
  • In Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Bridget's nickname is just Bee.

    (Yes, I feel lame for citing Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but it is what it is. :D)
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  • Nicknames don't have to be related to first names either. DH's name is Christopher, nn Moe.. his nn has a story behind it from when he was maybe 2 and his father told it at our wedding which was so sweet because DH didn't even know why they called him Moe. Just my two cents.. you may call her Bee or Bridge or anything (: 
  • mb0112mb0112
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    Bee, Birdie, maybe a nickname using her initials or something that develops naturally.
    As long as her initials aren’t BJ or BO!
  • My youngest daughter's name is Bridget and we started occasionally calling her Bridgey as more of a pet name after my older daughter started doing so. I think it's cute though I would obviously never introduce her by it! That said, I knew a Bridget once who often went by Brie and have always considered that if it "felt natural". Bridget is just a great name overall.
  • A nickname may form after baby is may come naturally 
  • Great ideas, thank you! 
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