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Hello, my boyfriend and I have discussed adoption for a while now, we have both decided that we'd be interested in adopting a beautiful child that needs a family to love them. From our research and understanding, most who adopt are interested in adopting kids of a younger age, therefore we are seeking to adopt a child no younger than 3(school age due to our work schedules).
About us,
We are a caring, loving afro/hispanic couple that have been looking into adopting for the past 10 years, agencies are a bit pricey so we thought it would be a lot cheaper to find a family and complete everything through the court. We live in a suburban neighborhood in NJ with very little crime. Our objective is to give a beautiful child the feeling of love. Our ad is catered toward parents that have decided that they can no longer care for their children, small adoption agencies with waiting children and more. Please share this ad, we would like to move forward as soon as possible.  DO NOT CONTACT ME UNLESS YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE THAT CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS AD. DO NOT RESPOND AND THEN DISAPPEAR YOU WILL BE FLAGGED
for more information contact us at [email protected]


  • If you are wanting to adopt a school-aged child your best option would be to adopt through foster care. Some kids that age will already be able to be adopted, so you wouldn't have to wait for parental rights to be terminated. Also if you adopt through foster care it is usually free or a small enough amount that the federal tax credit would cover it. I highly doubt you'll find parents who will voluntarily give their children up at that age.
    Me: 26   H: 26
    Foster Care process
    Licensed: June 2017
    Foster son placed with us: January 2018
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