Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant Again, Betas aren’t great

Ladies, I’m hoping someone has a success story or words of wisdom as I’m really struggling with my Beta results and my doctor’s being unresponsive. Brief background, I had a cp in March and a mc at 5 weeks after decent rising betas in May. Pregnant again and I requested betas with progesterone (which they didn’t do last time) since I had a lot of bleeding during the brief prior pregnancies. I’ve got my betas back and the numbers aren’t great.

7/11 (4w5d) hcg 1,857; P 11.69

7/16 (5w3d) hcg 7,273; P 11.75

My doubling time is at 61 hours and my progesterone is low and didn’t rise. I don’t know if I should just expect another loss, or if there is any hope. Would greatly appreciate anyone’s experience.

Re: Pregnant Again, Betas aren’t great

  • Those are actually pretty good numbers at 4 weeks. My numbers at exactly 4w was 25. I didn't reach the low thousands until mid 5th week. I also had low progesterone. Progesterone can change throughout the day so I don't think that's a super great indicator of the health. However, if you are concerned did you talk to your doc about a supplement? I did and I was on it until just last week at 13w. I know it's hard not to worry. I totally get that but your numbers don't look bad to me. Not at all. I think you should look at it as if it's successful until it's for sure not. Today you are pregnant and you love your baby. I had to say that to myself a lot. A whole lot. I still do. Good luck. I hope everything goes really well. 

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  • @sparkymcgeee thank you, I really appreciate your response. I hope your pregnancy continues uneventfully! My doctor finally got back to me and did put me on progesterone supplements, so I'm feeling a little better that I'm at least doing everything I can. "Today I am pregnant" is definitely a good mantra right now. Thank you again. 
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