Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Bleeding but not miscarriage

has anyone experience period like bleeding and minor cramping but not had a miscarriage. I’ve been bleeding for 3 days already and can’t get an ultrasound until Monday. My midwife sounds confident I’m having a threatened miscarriage but that the pregnancy may still be just fine. I just want to know if anyone has experienced similar symptoms with a perfectly healthy delivery. 

Re: Bleeding but not miscarriage

  • I have been pregnant at least 4 times (5th times is questionable) I have 2 children.  All 4 times I had bleeding, sometimes quite a lot.  So, all 4 pregnancies were threatened miscarriage.  My other 2, were missed miscarriages, so the bleeding wasn't even related.  My obgyn said to not even call when I get pregnant again, if I have bleeding.   He said 50% of women bleed to some degree while pregnant.

    Cramping can also be normal during all stages of pregnancy.  It is a sign of uterine growth.
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