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OBGYN Recommendations affiliated with Valley Hospital.

Hello, I am new to NJ, and terribly miss my OB of 15 years. But we are trying to conceive and I am looking for a good OB. I have thyroid issues (which are monitored by my endocrinologist at Sloan) but I do need an OB who is knowledgeable in a variety of high-risk or higher risk type patients. I'm very close to Valley Hospital and was recommended to find someone who is affiliated there. We are looking to start trying and need recommendations soon. 

In short, please recommend from personal experience OB-GYN. If you have suggestions about who to stay away from please let me know that too. 

p.s. I met Dr. Rezvani as he came recommended, I met him but had to wait 4 hours to simply have a quick chat. I can't imagine doing that every month/week. He also cancelled on me twice and is a one-man show. I did like him personally but am very anxious about him being there for me during pregnancy. Does anyone have any opinions. 

thank you everyone for your collective knowledge! 
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