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Uterus didelphys- 1st pregnancy

Hello, I am 31 years old at 13 weeks with my first pregnancy. Today was my very first ultrasound & I found out I have this condition where my uterus is split in 2 by a wall like a septum & I also have 2 cervix. I am going to a specialist in 2 weeks so they can take a better look with their state of the art ultrasound equipment. My doctor said she has seen this several times where the uterus is in the shape of a heart & the top part that goes into the V shape just continued down forming a wall that separates the uterus into two parts. However, she says mine is different, that the wall looks like it's formed starting on the bottom & she's never seen anything like it. Other than that she says the baby looks perfect & healthy, I just pray for good news from the specialist & nothing to further complicate my situation.

Re: Uterus didelphys- 1st pregnancy

  • I'm not familiar with the condition but wanted to send you well wishes. Praying you have a smooth pregnancy journey and all will go well on your specialist visit. Take care!
  • Thank you appreciate the support. :)
  • Hello! I wanted to give you some peace of mind, I have the same condition and I carried a healthy baby boy to full term! I unfortunately had to have a c-section, but he was healthy and that’s all that matters. I am praying for you and your baby!♥️ 
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