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3rd Pregnancy Disconnect

Hi mamas, 
Not too sure what I’m looking for by posting. I guess to see if anybody else has been here..

My husband and I have 2 daughters (10/5/14 & 10/21/16) both planned. We discussed and decided to start trying again. 

Since finding out out about the pregnancy (which happened way way faster than either of us imagined) I find myself not as consumed or excited as I was with my other two pregnancies. When people congratulate me I seem more sarcastic then happy.

We we ordered the sneak peak test thinking if I knew what it was I’d feel a little more excited.. nothing, I ordered an outfit thinking that seeing the blue would get me excited.. nothing. I felt baby move a few days  ago and I was hardly phased by it. I told my husband this evening how I was feeling disconnected to this pregnancy and his response was I was tired and stressed about how our girls will react. 

I guess I just am looking for someone who understands what’s going on! 

Re: 3rd Pregnancy Disconnect

  • I kind of felt like this with our third.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  When you’re having your first or second, by definition you aren’t nearly as preoccupied with taking care of young children and life in general.  Also, sometimes it takes awhile to bond, especially if you are having feelings of guilt (as I definitely did!) about how your kids will respond to having an infant sibling.  This is all very, very normal.
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    Know that it’s completely possible to get prenatal depression during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Have you mentioned how you’re feeling to your provider?
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  • juju_5juju_5 member
    I’m on my fifth and I feel the same way. My children are 14, 9 1/2, 6, and 11 months. I became pregnant when my fourth child was 6 months
  • How many weeks pregnant?
  • I sort of feel the same way. Expecting #3 as well. I think there is something about it being your third that I just didn't feel like it's socially acceptable to be announcing and prepping the same as I did with the other two. That's probably just all in my head though. Plus we already have one boy and one girl so it's not like it's even a new gender to plan for. I'm still very excited and can't wait to meet this LO but it's for sure not the same.
  • I would I would mention how you’re feeling to your provider. I’m expecting my third and it’s not the same level of excitement as with a first baby but I’m still very excited. I agree with PP that it may be prenatal depression.

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  • I had horrible depression with my 3rd! I'm on my 4th and it seems all good now. 
    It's hard momma!
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