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Weekly Check In

Thought it would be nice to have a repeating thread that we do weekly. If you have any suggestions for questions/items to add let me know.

Number of Children:


How many more do you want:

Current Brag:

Current Struggle:

GTKYour little one(s): What’s their current favorite movie or tv show? 

Re: Weekly Check In

  • Number of Children: 1

    Birthdays/ages: 3/16/16-2yrs

    How many more do you want: at least one. DH wants 3 more...

    Current Brag: She knows the letters O R I T and sometimes S and A. 

    Current Struggle: daytime potty training is done but I don’t know how to tackle overnight. She’s waking up screaming at 3 am almost every morning screaming becuase she wet her pull up. Tried panties one night and she just wet the bed. 

    GTKYour little one(s): What’s their current favorite movie or tv show?  Shrek! 
  • Number of Children: 1

    Birthdays/ages: 2, June '16

    How many more do you want: 1-2

    Current Brag: DD is so verbal. She practically speaks in full sentences.

    Current Struggle: Potty training. We're about 60% there.

    GTKYour little one(s): What’s their current favorite movie or tv show? Daniel Tiger

    @Jlavo888 The book I read to prepare for potty training suggested waking them to go potty, usually around the time you're going to bed. It's not something I'm looking forward to doing.
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  • Number of Children: 1 +Niece 

    Birthdays/ages: DS is almost 3 (Aug), Niece is 9 (Nov)

    How many more do you want: 1

    Current Brag: DS is also very verbal. He's also very smart and can actually hold a legit conversation. Niece could not at this age. Neice is very into science and loves to learn new things on the subject. As annoying as it is, she always wants to know how something works.

    Current Struggle: DS is generally laid back but is much like his momma in the heat....cranky. With us both that way it makes it hard to get settled at home and start dinner. Niece is 9. That is all.

    GTKYour little one(s): What’s their current  movie or tv show? DS loves Daniel Tiger and current movie obsession is Despicable Me 3 (the minion one with the guy and he comes out of the water and the boat). Niece likes cooking and vet shows.
  • Hi, I was active on TTGP beginning of last year until I got pregnant with DD. I wasn't so active on my BMB - just couldn't really connect. I'm trying to find a place to get more active again on the boards since we are not TTGP right now and since y'all are trying to get this board going, I thought this would be a good place if that is okay with y'all. 

    Number of Children: 1 

    Birthdays/ages: almost 3 months - April 2018

    How many more do you want: at least 1, probably will do 2. If DH had his way, it would be 10 more and I'd already be pregnant again. 

    Current Brag: When we ask her to give us a smile, she gives us a huge smile. It is so cute! 

    Current Struggle: She was sleeping through the night from 6 to 10 weeks but then she learned to roll over in her swaddle and we had to unswaddle her. Now she sleeps much worse - gets up 2 to 3 times a night which is worse than what she was doing before she starting sleeping through the night. I'm thinking we need to start transitioning to her own room because she's sleeping lighter without the swaddle.

    GTKYour little one(s): What’s their current favorite movie or tv show? We just watch what we normally watch at this point because she just started to be able to focus on the T.V. My parents were watching her the other day and they couldn't figure out the Roku so it was just on the fish screen saver and apparently she watched that for a good 30 minutes. Would love some suggestions on what shows would be good for an newborn/infant but I don't necessarily want her to watch a lot of T.V. That'll be hard since I watch a lot myself lol

    JLaVO888 Good luck with potty training her at night. That is one aspect of parenting I am not looking forward to but I'm sure getting tired of diapers.
    meggyme  Aw that's fun that your DD is starting to speak in full sentences. I have a 2 year old nephew who is starting to do that and it is adorable! 
    prpl11butterfly Sounds like your niece may go into the medical field when she's older. Maybe a vet since she loves vet shows. 

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    TTC #2: February 2019
  • Number of Children: 1

    Birthdays/ages: May '17 / 13 months

    How many more do you want: 1 - but if I had my way we would have 2-3 more. I love babies/kids!

    Current Brag: His teacher at school (we call it school instead of daycare) told me last week that she wished all her kids were like DS. He is really independent, so he amuses himself 90% of the day and doesn't need to be held/coddled. She can pick him up for a quick snuggle, then set him down and he goes on his merry way.

    Current Struggle: DS has started to throw "tantrums" when he doesn't get his way. It is hilarious, and I have to try really hard not to laugh at the tiny writhing human on the ground.

    GTKYour little one(s): What’s their current  movie or tv show?  We haven't introduced any TV to him yet, but he loves watching songs/videos on youtube. Current favorite is "Baby Shark". It is legit the only way to get him to sit still so I can cut his finger/toenails.

    @JLaVO888 My sister had success with the overnight diapers. Her Dr. said my niece would sleep so deeply that she literally couldn't wake up so she would just go in her sleep. It might just be how some kids sleep.

  • Number of children - 1

    Birthdays/ages - Feb 2015, about 3.5 years old now

    How many more do you want: at least 1 more, at most 2 more.

    Current brag: DS has strong emotional intelligence. He plays really well with others and has a "trick" he uses for sharing. He'll hang on to his favorite toy (at the library, for example, there's a Caitlin train he covets deeply) and when other kids come to play he'll pick up a less desirable train (a coal car or a plain Thomas, for example) and hand it to the kid and say "here you go!" as if he's being super generous but it's a diversion to keep other kids from touching Caitlin :D cracks me up that he figured that out!

    Current struggle: Because he's so social it's hard to keep him entertained. He wants our undivided attention, unless there are other kids around to play with. If I drive him to the park and there are no kids he won't just play happily by himself. He makes me chase him. It's exhausting. Especially because I'm very, very independent and an introvert so it's hard for me to relate. In fact, when I was in preschool I'd play alone so much that my teacher was concerned and talked to my mom about it. It's just who I am, and my son is the opposite!

    GTKYour little ones, favorite TV show: He loves Ryan's Toy Reviews on YouTube. I let him watch it on my phone at night while W and I enjoy a glass of wine and a grown-up TV show.

    @lilly91613 I have a hard time not laughing at DS, too! Especially when he's being irrational because he's tired. He got into a play argument with his hands yesterday, each of them accusing the other of dropping his fidget spinner but he was being so serious. I had tears on my cheeks from trying not to laugh.

    @justkeepswimming8 - do you have Baby First TV? I let my son watch that when he was very small. I have a really liberal TV policy because I grew up with it in the background all day in the 80's/90's when my mom was a stay-at-home parent and my brothers and I are all graduate educated with good jobs so... can't be that bad, right? Moderation is key, of course.

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