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Diapers and wipes

FTM here and I’m curious what diapers and wipes everyone is getting or has used in the past. I really want to get a more “natural” one but there are so many mixed reviews out there. The brands I’m currently looking at for both are: Honest, Seventh Generation, Bambo, Pampers Aqua Pure, Water Wipes.  

But I’m open to hearing about any brand you like/dislike. 

Re: Diapers and wipes

  • I haven’t tried Bambo or Pampers Pure yet (but I do not like regular Pampers) but I really like Seventh Generation and Babyganics. Honest are ok, but run small IMO. 

    I like Seventh Generation (but my husband does not for some reason - I think because I told him they were natural and he’s pretty anti-hippie, lol) and the Babyganics don’t seem like they’d work well, but they are great! Even now with disgusting toddler poo!

    Seventh Gen wipes are my favorite, with Huggies being my next fav. 

    I’ve had good luck getting Seventh Gen or Babyganics on mega sale
    on Amazon every once in a while. If you keep an eye out for their additional 30-40% off coupons, you can stack those with Subscribe and Save and often Save significantly. I usually shoot for a box of about 200 for <$25.

    I don’t know how much budgeting for diapers is a priority for you, but I try to shoot for diapers at $0.16/each or less and wipes at $0.01/each. If there isn’t a sale on Amazon, I typically just buy from Costco, but I think I’ve only done that twice and DD2 is 19 months. I’ve never considered diapers a big financial burden, but it is kind of fun knowing i got a good deal!

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  • We're doing cloth, but that's another thread ;)
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  • nackienackie member
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    We part time cloth, part time disposable. We use Bambo and really like them. I found that the honest ones leaked a lot more than the others and I wasn’t a fan of the seventh generation ones, but I can’t really remember why (we tried them when DS was super little)
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    I'll be honest and say that a lot is going to depend on your baby. They may be sensitive to one brand and not another. One fit may work but not another. Like, we used Pamper Swaddlers but couldn't use Huggies because they leaked every single time. However, my nephew would always leak through Pampers and get terrible rashes but not with huggies.

    As for wipes, we used Huggies Natural? But again, some kids react to different things so be prepared to do a bit of trial and error to find what brand(s) works for you.
  • Yes on the point of depends on your baby! I hated pampers....but LOVED huggies. This time I have mostly huggies stocked but I did get a few samples of other brands just to try.....even have some pampers thatI loathed last time. I found I didn't have a real preference on wipes except the thicker wipes were so much better for blow outs and bigger messes. Hopefully your baby won't be sensitive and you will quickly find your fav brands :)
  • I’m a Pampers diaper snob. We start in Swaddlers all day. By a month old, baby is in Baby Dry overnight and Swaddlers all day. Once they start moving, we switch out of Swaddlers and move to Cruisers. Nothing else worked as well for my kids. And I’m not going to shell out a bunch of money on the organic or whatever because it’s just getting peed and pooped into. We get our diapers via Amazon Subscribe and Save and save a ton of money that way. 

    I swear by Target’s Up & Up Sensative for wipes. They’re in the purple box. Huggies  wipes are nice and soft, but they tore every.single.time I pulled one out. 
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  • Agreed with depends on your baby. We tried Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies Little Snugglers at the beginning - Huggies leaked a lot, Pampers never did. So we used Pampers Swaddlers for a while then moved on to Pampers Baby Dry. A few months ago the Pampers started leaking all the time so we tried Huggies Little Movers and those are working great so we've switched to those.

    As for wipes, we've used Huggies Natural Care from the beginning. We had some Pampers wipes, but I decided I preferred the Huggies. I do keep Water Wipes on hand as well for when DS gets a diaper rash as they're a lot more gentle, but on a daily basis I prefer the Huggies ones.
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  • I'm jealous of all of you that got all these choices with diapers...my daughter was soooo sensitive she was getting terrible diaper rash until we tried Pampers Sensitive, and Water Wipes (although we used cotton pads and water when it was really bad). So we ended up just sticking to this regardless. 

    I always tell people not to stock up on diapers, because you never know what will work for you...not just for fit, but for sensitivity!
  • I liked honest company diapers and wipes with DD (I loved the cute prints too!) we’re planning on using disposable for the first few weeks this time and then switching to cloth diapers and cloth wipes. Like @BusinessWife said that’s another thread! Though for anyone looking for a solution to super sensitive baby butts, you can just use water in a spray bottle on cloth wipes or on paper towels to reduce irritation from any possible chemicals. 
  • It depends on the shape of your baby. We liked the pampers swaddlers and baby dry when DS was younger and preferred the Huggies little movers once he was walking. We hated the Honest diapers. They feel so hard/stiff/papery and didn’t absorb the wet as well. DS was a baby who wouldn’t stand to be at all damp and we went through so many diapers. The pampers and huggies did a much better job pulling the wetness away from him. Apparently some babies don’t mind feeling damp and are content to wait for their next change? Not a thing for us.

    We like the Honest wipes the best because they are gentle and have good texture. Some wipes (namely pampers sensitive) are so slimy they just push stuff around rather than wiping mess off. 
  • Amazon just/is launching their own diaper line that might be worth a try. Mama Bear I think is the brand. Has anyone tried these yet?
  • samd6samd6 member
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    I don't have any children living in the home, but I do have a senior dog with some incontinence issues and we use the Amazon Elements wipes to help keep our old lady clean. I have super sensitive skin and they don't bother me when I use them (no rash on hands, arms, etc). 
  • @eerin86 not yet. When I checked a few weeks ago the reviews weren’t great. I’m hoping those may have been flukes and/or changes are made. 
  • Agree with @JLyn821. Pampers was the only thing that worked for my daughter. She leak through Huggies and the wipes would tear every time I pulled one out.
  • nackienackie member
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    EErin86 said:
    Amazon just/is launching their own diaper line that might be worth a try. Mama Bear I think is the brand. Has anyone tried these yet?
    We haven’t tried the diapers, they claim to be eco friendly, but I haven’t been able to find any info that isn’t promotional material from Amazon. We did just try the Amazon wipes and those are working out pretty well. They’re cheaper than the 7th gen ones we were using. 
  • We have received several different brands of diapers and wipes and whatever works best for our girl will be purchased via Amazon Subscribe and Save. I'm interested in trying the older Parasol brand that is sold on Amazon. I've heard good things about the Costco (Kirkland) wipes.  
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  • nackienackie member
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    @smsaulino if it can’t be ordered on subscribe and save, I won’t even consider it :)
  • @nackie amen to that!!!! Our Sam's membership expired a couple of months ago and we're thinking about trying Amazon Pantry. We already pay for an Amazon membership.. We might as well use all the services they provide.
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    We preferred Pampers for the most part, Swaddlers then Cruisers and occasionally Baby Dry. Tried Honest but couldn’t justify the cost. Target’s Up & Up Brand was our favourite store branded diaper. Sadly Target didn’t survive here in Canada so we won’t be able to use Up & Up again.  Preferred Huggies Natural Care Wipes, they are nice and thick. 
  • I agree it totally depends on your baby’s body shape. My DD was long and lean and Pampers fit her best. When she got a little bigger we switched to Luvs and found they fit really similarly to Pampers and were cheaper. We used Pampers sensitive wipes. 
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  • @BusinessWife I don’t know if you’ve thought about cloth wipes but they are amazing! I feel like I have to use so many disposable wipes to get the same clean as a cloth 
  • With DS1 we were very fortunate that any diaper worked well for him. I personally did not like the feel of the Parents Choice from Wal-mart... otherwise we were not picky. I usually bought the Sam's Club or Costco brand and love both of those. We also used the Sam's club or Costco brand wipes and they work great and are budget friendly.
  • We're also generally a cloth family. That being said I was done with Pampers and huggiesbur not the price. Honest worked pretty well, were cute but I did have to size up sooner. Luvs have the worst ever chemical smell to me and when wet just stick to my son really grossly. Seventh Gen I liked the concept of but they leaked like crazy-didnt hold enough. We mostly use Aldi brand diapers when we must do disposables.

    For wipes the Huggies and Pampers and honest ones ripped too much or didn't come out of the package. Seventh Gen, water wipes, and aldi were fine, but they don't keep up with cloth. :)
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  • Pampers family here. DD is nearly 2 and we have been using Swaddlers since the beginning. For the past 6 months we have been using Baby Dry at night. 
  • Totally gonna depend on your child's shape and sensitivity, so don't stock up! 
    We haven't tried a ton of different brands. (Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and Honest Diapers; Pampers, Huggies, Honest, Parents Choice wipes.) Pampers swaddlers are a pretty safe bet for newborns and the wetness indicator is really handy at that stage. Now we prefer Honest diapers (partially because of the adorable prints!) There weren't really any diapers that we hated, I feel like I remember Luvs having a strong chemical smell when they got wet?
    I definitely have a strong preference for Pampers wipes though. Huggies tear too easily and the Honest and Parents Choice ones were too slick/smooth so they don't get the poo off. Also they leave a sticky feeling on my hands. 
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  • I decided with so many types out there to just get a variety of small packs to try out and see what we like best. For wipes, I just got a box of sensitive and a normal box. I qualified for the Amazon baby bucks, so we got a lot of stuff and the wipes were all free. We're going to see what we like best after these are tested out.
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