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Meal Planning 6/18

Monday - Whatever I grab on the way out of town
Tuesday - Grilled chicken with zucchini and rice
Wednesday - Steak, fried potatoes, corn on the cob
Thursday - Spagetti squash and garlic bread
Friday - Homemade calzones with whatever ingredients sound appealing by then normally (pepperoni, mushrooms, banana peppers) 


Re: Meal Planning 6/18

  • Monday - Chicken and shrimp jambalaya
    Tuesday - Having friends over for cookout so probably burgers and brats
    Wednesday - Chicken enchiladas
    Thursday - spice rubbed pork chops and asparagus on the grill
    Friday - Date night!
    Sat - probably take out

  • My plan for the week was 

    eggplant parm and salad 
    Cajun chicken Mac and cheese and broccoli 
    steak bites with baked potatoe 

    but it’s 95 degrees, we had a crazy busy weekend and I’m exhausted. Told MH to bring home a pizza tonight lol. 
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  • Tuesday- purple rice, chicken and green veggie stir fry
    Wednesday- Steak,roasted squash and quinoa salad
    Thursday- Roasted chicken and avocado salad
    Friday- Long weekend island resort holiday- so lots of seafood!

    All I really wanted was rice crispy treats, but they dont sell rice crispys here!!
  • @preggersabroad An island resort holiday sounds fantastic! Let us know how it goes.

    We got a Blue Apron box this week, so here's what we have for meals:
    Sesame chicken noodles (we had this tonight and it was fantastic!)
    Spanish-spiced chicken and rice
    Steak and spicy butter with mashed potatoes

    The other meals will probably be easy things like hot dogs, grilled cheese, or pasta. 
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  • @preggersabroad what is purple rice? I have never heard of this before but it sounds interesting.

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    Starting the low carb thing due to insulin resistance kicking in... I already miss bread and potatoes :disappointed:

    Monday- Grilled pork chops and green beans
    Tuesday - Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy and broccoli
    Wednesday - Eating out due to little brother being with us (mini rant in spoiler)
    My brother, 11 years old, is picky beyond belief and don't even get me started on how my dad has let him be this way! My 4 year old easily eats 20x the types of food my brother will eat AND throws a smaller fit about trying new things than my brother -_- My brother will still have a full on temper-tantrum if made to eat "new food". Did I mention he's 11?
    Thursday - Grilled chicken will loaded mashed cauliflower 
    Friday - Date night! 
    Saturday - Mashed cauliflower shepherds pie
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  • @bswishe4 - Purple rice  (more info in the link) is healthier rice option.  It's high in protein and iron- which has been helping since I need to keep my iron intake up! It is super common in Asia, so I'm luck as it's basically the same price as white rice.

    @offtoneverland - Thanks!! It should be fun- it's for my birthday!  My mother in law is flying in from Australia so it should be an interesting time. Thankfully we get along, but she takes a lot of energy (and usually wine), so I'm interested to see how I'll go with my low energy and juice cocktails.  After the nice island resort, we will be flying back to the island we live on which is very remote/rustic, she is super (suuuppper) high maintenance, so hopefully she will survive - it's a gamble how it will go! 

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