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Weekly randoms 6/11


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  • @southernlady07 i 100 percent feel ya on the summer comments!! I am tired of hearing the same thing and people telling me their opinions on pregnancy during summer "down here" and how to stay cool. They get a shocked look and ususlly stfu when i tell them i know all about it bc this baby is due a week before my dd's birthday....been there....done that...got a tshirt thanks ha
  • @Asunshinek YES I give the same response! Not my first rodeo with a summer pregnancy.  :D
    Me: 32   DH: 32
    BFP #1: 1/23/2012  DD: Born 9/20/2012  <3
    BFP #2: 12/30/2017  DS: Due 9/10/2018  <3

  • @nlc8424 have a great party! Happy birthday to your LO!
  • @smsaulino what a relief!! The barking today will be completely worth the quiet later. 

    @nlc8424 hope you guys have a blast today! 85 sounds heavenly especially under a shady tree.
  • stothistothi member
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    nlc8424 said:
    Today is DS's 2nd birthday party! Looking forward to celebrating with him and spending some time with family. It's going to be a gorgeous day, high of 81, mostly sunny (with a big tree in the backyard to provide shade), and yummy food and cake. 

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!
    That sounds awesome! Happy Birthday little buddy!
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